4 Websites With A FREE, Amazing Resources Library

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Lately, a lot of bloggers and businesses offer a free resources library as their opt-in. And it’s great! There’s so much free content out there that gives out so much value.

Here are 4 huge, free libraries we’ve found in our hunt for amazing resources.

Melyssa Griffin Resources Library

Melyssa Griffin is a online graphic designer turned online extraordinaire. She now helps entrepreneurs build their audience and grow their business.

melyssa griffin resources library

Her resource library has a whole bunch of ebooks on everything from blogging to sales funnels. It also has a stack of worksheets to get some actionable tasks done.

It’s definitely a great place to start. Her Facebook group is also available once you sign up.

We’re in it 🙂 It’s a great place to meet new people, get feedback and share some of your winning posts.

IvoryMix Resources Library

This is my absolute favourite resource library.

IvoryMix is a stock photo website.

When you gain access to their resource library you get free stock photos (up to 10) sent to your e-mail every month. BUT the best bit – in their resource library you also get access to all the PREVIOUS ones too!

ivorymix stock photosThey aren’t just about stock photos either.

They have a long list of free resources for blogging that include worksheets and checklists. They have useful info like an editorial list calendar.

If you’re on a bigger budget, they also paid stock photos that are amazingly priced.

Overall, this has got to be our favourite resource for free stock photos. We use the free photos quite a bit but they have a bundle sale at the moment – 201 neutral images for $35 which we’ve just purchased.

All in all, definitely worth handing your e-mail address over for!


The Daily Femme Resources Library

The Daily Femme free resource library is a bloggers dream. She has free courses, downloads, webinars AND tutorials.

Her focus is mainly on content creation and social media. Our favourite download is the 60 blog post ideas worksheet (because hands up if you run out of ideas from time to time!).

Her courses are in the form of email challenges if that’s your thing – except for her Social Media 101 course.

Also look at her free courses section. She has some courses here that I wasn’t able to find in her free resources library. Like the 5 Day Pinterest Overhaul.

the daily femme pinterest overhaulThis one has come up a lot in the blogging Facebook groups. It’s a pretty popular challenge.

CoSchedule Resources Hub

Last but not least – The CoSchedule Resources Hub.

The smarty pants group that also brought us one of our favourite tools for headlines – The Headline Analyzer.

Their “free resources hub” is hidden on the bottom of their webpage and I don’t know why! Because if I had a free library of that size, I’d be promoting it like no tomorrow! It’s massive!

coschedule free resource library

It has all the social media tools a blogger could enjoy! Christmas has come early guys ?

It has guides, podcasts, videos, product demos & tools.

Just some of the resources include social media worksheets, infographics, content strategy bundles and even a guide on how to repurpose your content.


Our favourite download has been the Social Media Headline pack.

There’s no signing up for access either!

Let us know of any other amazing resources libraries you know of!