Tips On How To Have A Productive Week

Tips On How To Have A Productive Week

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Setting up yourself for the week is a great habit to get into! You basically head into the week with an action plan which helps you to procrastinate LESS. Because when you know what you’re doing, and you have a plan in front of you, life is a lot easier! These are simple tips on how how to have a productive week that have helped me to take better, thought out action. And honestly, feel a lot happier. By being able to review and take action, your giving your mind space to feel clearer. And you learn how to create great results not only in your business or with your goals, but also with yourself.

4 Tips On How To Have A Productive Week (1)

Review your week

Reviewing my week is one of my favourite things to do (yes… it’s true!!).

Sitting back and looking at what worked and what didn’t work is the key to having a productive week.

Reviewing your week can include a number of things:

    • Filling in a life wheel chart (you can find more on that here)

  • Creating a set of weekly questions for yourself
  • Giving yourself a set time to reflect on what worked and didn’t work for you this week (and writing it down)
  • Writing a list of what you were grateful for this week

My favourite (free) tool for my weekly sit down is the Clarity Chart from Brendon Burchard. It’s apart of his bonuses from his book High Performance Habits (which I seriously can’t recommend enough – I even wrote a whole week worth of posts on it!!)

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Decide what your focus is

After I’ve reviewed my week and seen what’s worked, I try to adjust my week to focus on that.

Since my goals are usually already set. I try to use the weekly reviews to see what’s helped me get closer to them.

Sometimes your focuses might be the same. It’s just a matter of realigning yourself.

Sometimes you’ll find something new you tried in the week, realise how good it worked, and shift your focus.

But the way I do it is, I look at my goals that I’ve set, and then write a list of what I need to focus on for the week.

Some days will be the same tasks – fixing my Pinterest schedule & writing content.

But then other days will be something new like creating a resource library (you can find my resource library here).

So what are your focuses? When you broke down your goals, what were the main areas you needed to work on?

If you’re struggling to find your focus, I wrote a summary post on productivity from Brendon Burchards book High Performance Habits.

He has some great tips on how to find your focus and break down your goals into your most important tasks. You can find the post here.

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Decide on a theme for each day

The simplest way to break up the week and make sure you’re focusing on your focuses (pun intended) and not wandering off to unimportant tasks is to give your days a main focus/theme.

My best way to do get anything done & stay productive is to give it the day. But in saying that, it’s more like 3/4 of the day and I spend the last quarter doing the smaller tasks.

So when you break up your week, give each day a main focus.

If you’re just starting a healthy lifestyle maybe it’s a Sunday morning walk? That’s the simple health focus for that day.

It’s all about figuring out what works for you.

If you want to write a book, maybe Sunday mornings for 3 hours is you’re writing time?

Knowing that I have ONE focus for that day and that’s what I have to do, has helped me stay focused & on task.

Any other focuses wait until their day.

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Treat Yo Self


Balance is important in anything you do. Studies have shown that taking a break helps IMPROVE your creativity 1.

Even if that break includes Netflix and chocolate.

We’re currently in a culture that promotes being “busy” and not having “time” for yourself as a good thing.

It’s important to give yourself you time. Whether that’s reading a book or watching your favourite TV show.

Spend time doing the things that make you happy.

After I’ve reviewed my went and spent some time organising my week ahead, I stop.

I spend time with my extended family, I watch movies, I go visit friends. Or I just sit and do my own thing by myself.

It’s all about how you’re feeling and what you think you need.

Give yourself decent, guilt-free R&R sets you up for the week again!

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So! Set yourself up for the week by:

  • Reviewing the week before

  • Deciding on your focuses for the week

  • Choosing a day for each focus

  • And…. treatin’ yo self!