Increase Your Self Esteem & Self Confidence

A short guide on how to build your self confidence and self esteem!

What's In The Workbook

12-Page Workbook

9 pages of information and actionable tasks to help you set healthy boundaries

Based on psychology & therapy research

Create using up-to-date psychology and therapy resources

Step by step action guide

Contains step by step activities to help you increase your self esteem

Do you struggle with your self confidence?

Hi, I'm Giulia

After years of mental health struggles, I can confidently say that these workbooks are the key areas that helped me to change my life.

These simple workbooks help us to make small, empowering life changes.

They're guides and action tasks that can help us to become the person we truly want to be.

Is it time for you to choose yourself? Is it time to start setting boundaries and creating a life that truly feels like yours.

These workbooks are the steps to getting started.