#SelfCare #Sunday #Routines To Help You Reset For The Week Ahead. Simple #ideas and #tips for a relaxing Sunday to bring more #happiness and #selflove into your #life. #bossbabe #momboss #relaxation #calm #breathe #chill #momlife #mindset #wellness #healthy #healthlifestyle

Self Care Sunday Date – How To Reset For The Week Ahead

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#SelfCare #Sunday #Routines To Help You Reset For The Week Ahead. Simple #ideas and #tips for a relaxing Sunday to bring more #happiness and #selflove into your #life. #bossbabe #momboss #relaxation #calm #breathe #chill #momlife #mindset #wellness #healthy #healthlifestyle

If there’s any way to prepare for a Monday, it’s a self care Sunday date. Sunday can be a day of dread for the week ahead (Mondayitis should be acknowledged as a real thing!) or it can be the day where you sit down and feel exhausted about the week that just past.

Either way, Sunday becomes a great day to stop and reset. But how!? That’s the real question. These self care Sunday ideas are my favourite way to reset after a long week or even during tough times!



Self Care Sunday Date Item #1 – Meditation

Yes, mediation has become a bit of a buzz work these days! It seems like it’s on all the self care ideas lists’ and sometimes that takes away from the real benefits that meditation can have part of any of your routines.

I start every self care Sunday routine with meditation whether I’ve had a good week or a bad week. Meditation isn’t easy. No matter how many zen quotes or pictures of calmness we see meditation is hard! It’s a practice of sitting with ourselves and exploring all the things that we try to numb through avoiding. That’s what it’s all about.


“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” – Brene Brown


It’s a practice of discovering our light. It’s about working through our darkness and finding the acceptance and peace behind it.


Self care practices like meditation can be really hard but we shouldn’t shy away from them. Meditation is a form of important exploration that takes us into a space we can’t otherwise go. It’s a way of dealing with everything that comes up – all the emotions and feelings in our body and learning to sit with it until it passes (which it does, I promise!).


A great guided meditation that has taught me how to deal with my emotions and be conscious of the feelings I have is Gentle Breath Meditation. You can download it as a guided meditation here.


While I’ve made it sound really tough and dark, there’s no feeling that can replace the one that feels like you’ve really dealt with your sh*t. When you’ve sat there and really allowed everything to come up it’s honestly freeing! That’s why its number one of the self care Sunday date routines!


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Self Care Sunday Date Item #2 – Cleanse Your Energies

My go-to practices for cleansing after a long week is a bath, tea lights and a good book.

I create an easy DIY detox bath, light some tealight candles and sit in there for about 20 minutes.

My favourite DIY detox bath is:

  1. Throw all of these items in a jar
  2. Put on the lid and give it a good shake to let all the ingredients mix up
  3. Put it into the water once the bath is ¾ full
  4. Light two tea light candles – one for each end or side of the bath

This is one of my favourite self care Sunday ideas. You will literally walk out of this bath feeling SO relaxed.

Tip: Fill the bath so that it reaches just to your shoulders if you can to help relax your body all the way up to your neck.

The tea lights have a double effect. One – it’ll make you feel like you’re having a spa day (how’s that for a self care Sunday date! Two – My reiki specialist suggested using tealight candles while using salts to help cleanse & protect my aura.

Whether you’re into the spiritual side or not, either way tea lights are one of the most relaxing self care ideas (and they’re SO cheap!).


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Self Care Sunday Date Item #3 – Spend Time Investing In Yourself

My final practice of my self care Sunday ideas is to spend some time investing in myself. That usually means watching a good documentary on a topic that interests me. Or reading a good book related to something I’m having trouble with.

We’re so fortunate to be growing up in a time where good resources on anything are everywhere! And most of the time it’s free.

Some self care ideas that I love to do are:

These self care practices are all about expanding our minds in some way. Honestly, it’s the best when you open a book or watch something that feels like is speaking directly to you!!

So if you’ve had a bad week or something’s bothering you, don’t be afraid to make finding a solution as part of your self care practices. Our best thinking comes during those days we’re relaxed and opened to other ways of thinking!


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A self care Sunday date is a great way to get some “you” time in. These practices are just ideas you can add to your self care Sunday routine. As you go along you’ll find what works for you and that’s the most important bit. But honestly, a good self care Sunday routine is invaluable. It can help you reset after a tough week or just give you that mental break and rid you of the energy from the past week!