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Relationship Advice For Couples // Improving Intimacy Relationship Tip

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Relationship Advice For Couples // The Power Of A Couple Bubble

This is some of the best relationship advice for couples!

This simple strategy or idea is one way to learn how to have a healthy relationship.

I share one of the best relationship communication books in this relationship advice podcast episode!

It’s a great self-help relationship book for when you feel as though you and your partner:

  • Aren’t on the same team
  • Struggle with emotional or physical intimacy
  • Feel like you’ve become roommates
  • Struggle to figure out what to talk about
  • Rely more on others than you do one another

In this episode, I share one strategy from the book that is amazing relationship advice for women and relationship advice for men too!

This simple strategy can help our relationships feel:

  • More secure and safe
  • Increase our feeling of closeness
  • Get back on the same team with our partners

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Book: Wired For Love by Stan Tatkin (Affiliate Link)

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