Monthly Planner Printable {2 pages}


Sometimes keeping dates on our phone can be overwhelming and confusing. Seeing all those tiny dates on a screen can easily leave us double booking!

This one-page monthly planner printable is a simple way to keep track and plan your month. It comes with TWO versions!

Version 1:

This monthly planner has space to write down your monthly reminders and your bills due for the month

Version 2

Version 2 of the monthly planner printable has space to write down your monthly goals, reminders for the months, and bills due!

The monthly planner printable is designed to help give you a birds-eye view of the month ahead or your current month. Fill in important dates such as birthdays or appointments.

When designing the monthly planner we also understand the other important items of the month such as goals, reminders, and bills so we’ve kept space for all of those too!

Use the bills space to keep up to date on what’s due for the month
Use the reminders space as a brain dump
Keep any fitness, health, or self-care goals right where you can see them – in the goals section!

Our favorite part of the monthly planner is that it can be used for any area of your life. If you run a business, it’s perfect to keep track of dates when tax items are due, keep track of your business goals and remind you of other business plans you might need to organize.

If not, it’s the perfect planner to keep your personal life on track. Keep your fitness goals, reminders of things you might need to do for the month and keep track of when your bills are actually due!


– Cover
– Thank you note
– Monthly Planner Printable with Reminders Section
– Monthly Planner Printable without Reminders

– Letter Size (8.5 x 11 in)
– A4


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