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Access our free personal development worksheets library with workbooks on topics including boundaries, the inner critic, self esteem and vision!

What You'll Find In The Library

In the library you'll find workbooks on topics like improving our self esteem, setting boundaries, finding self acceptance and setting our vision and values.

Boundaries Worksheets

Learn how to set boundaries, say no and find your freedom again using our boundaries workbook.

Self Esteem Worksheets

Improve your self esteem with our simple how-to self esteem guide.

Self Acceptance Worksheets

Learn to be a friend to yourself with our self acceptance workbook.

Vision Worksheets

Find meaning and purpose with our vision workbook.

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how to build your self confidence and self esteem
setting healthy boundaries with toxic family members
how to let go of someone (when to & how to)

Hi, I'm Giulia

After years of mental health struggles, I can confidently say that these workbooks are the key areas that helped me to change my life.

These simple workbooks help us to make small, empowering life changes.

They're guides and action tasks that can help us to become the person we truly want to be.

Is it time for you to choose yourself? Is it time to start setting boundaries and creating a life that truly feels like yours.

These workbooks are the steps to getting started.