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the self development collective membership..

Know where to start

Change can be hard because it can feel overwhelming. The membership gives you a pathway to change, shows you where to start and what actions steps you can take to remove the overwhelm that comes with change.

Get unstuck & grow

Our resources dig deep to help us develop self awareness so we can understand what holds us back, get out of automatic habits and start choosing a different life.

Connect + be supported

Change can be lonely. This is why we offer a community and not a course. Our community is here to offer connection, safety, support and accountability in any changes you’re looking to make. Inspire or be inspired by like-minded people.

hey, let's do this

In The Self Development Collective we’ve created a space for people to build their self confidence, improve their relationships and find a community to connect, inspire and be inspired!

Change can be hard. We can don’t have to do it alone!

what is the self development collective membership?

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Do you feel like no matter what you do you feel stuck like you’re always struggling with self-doubt and can’t change no matter what you do? 

Do you feel like you aren’t truly yourself in some of your closest relationships? Do you wish you could set better boundaries?

The Self Development Collective membership is an online community for those who want to increase their self confidence, find more self connection and create more meaningful relationships in their lives. 

We are a community that values improving our relationship with ourselves and others to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.


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step by step pathway

In the membership we offer a special pathway to show you step by step how to create changes in your self confidence and relationships – no more getting stuck on where to start or what action to take!



monthly masterclass

Each month we bring a monthly masterclass that is 30 minutes or less – short, sweet and well researched personal development classes to help you create change without the overwhelm!


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Connect, support, share, inspire and be inspired! The community is all about making change less lonely, finding support, encouragement and accountability!


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monthly activity

Each month we’ll bring you a monthly activity to match the masterclass so you know where to start and what action to take!



monthly bonus activity

A lil’ extra love for those who want more activities – each month we offer a bonus activity if you want extra support



monthly Q&A

Each month we give you a monthly Q&A video with answers to all the top questions on the masterclass topic!

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Anyone who wants to live a life with more self confidence

Anyone who wants to live a life with more self connection

Anyone who wants support and accountability in making changes

Anyone who wants to have better relationships in their lives

Anyone who wants to do the inner work but needs more direction and less overwhelm

The Self Development Collective membership is not open for public enrolment. The only way to gain access to enrolment is through joining our waitlist. Enrolment dates and links will be emailed via the waitlist.

The membership is currently $37 USD a month and we currently offer 3-monthly membership plans

You can cancel at any time and you will have access until the end of your paid subscription cycle

You’ll be billed one time every 3 months


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