10 Amazing #Journals & #Planners To Organize Your #Life. Whether it's for #productivity or #journaling, these planners/journals are the ultimate tools to stay organized and start smashing your #goals. #planneraddicts #plannerlove #plannercommunity #journaling #organization #organizing #organize

10 Amazing Journals & Planners To Organize Your Life!

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10 Amazing #Journals & #Planners To Organize Your #Life. Whether it's for #productivity or #journaling, these planners/journals are the ultimate tools to stay organized and start smashing your #goals. #planneraddicts #plannerlove #plannercommunity #journaling #organization #organizing #organize

Is it time to simplify your life with a planner? These are great 10 journals & planners to organize your life. Whether it’s a productivity planner, a gratitude journal or a habits journal, this list covers them all!

So here are 10 journal & planner picks to help simplify your life & get organized!

Productivity Planner

The productivity planner is at the top of this list for a very good reason! This is the ultimate of planners to organize your life. It’s all about breaking down your days and tasks. It even has a productivity score at the end of the day!

Check out the review below to learn more about this planner!

10 Amazing Journals & Planners To Organize Your Life!

10 Amazing Journals & Planners To Organize Your Life!

The Five Minute Journal

The Five Minute journal is a great planner to organize your life in a mind set way. It has simple morning and evening prompts to help you reflect on how you want the day to be and how the day was.

10 Amazing Journals & Planners To Organize Your Life! Five Minute Journal

The Passion Planner

The Passion Planner comes second to the Productivity Planner for planners to organize your life! The Passion Planner has so much to it to help you get organized and also simplify your life.

This review covers everything you need to know about the Passion Planner and how it can help to organize not just your day but your overall life!

Typo 2018 Planner/Diary

Out of all the planners to organize your life the Typo planner is the most classic. The size of the Typo calendar is really useful to keep track of your monthly and daily tasks. It’s big enough to write appointments etc. which is a great asset for any planner that you’re using to simply your life!

Typo Activity Journals

The Typo Activity journals are planners to organize your life through your activities! The photo journal (shown in the video below) is a fantastic one to simplify all of your photo clutter (this is now called the Activity Journal by Typo as of 2018).

There are a bunch of activity journals you can buy from Typo. This is just one of them!

Some of the other activity journals are:

  • Thoughts & Reflections Journal
  • Drawing Journal
  • Activity Journal

*Featured in this video is there A4 planner which they no longer have – they stock A5 size now ?

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Kikki-K Wellness Planner

The Kikki-K Wellness Planner is great for the serious crafter or creative! It has heaps of stickers and quotes to organize your planner as you’d like! This planner literally covers everything! It includes pages like a daily and weekly reflection to a nutrition planner.

Kikki-K Gratitude Journal

The Kikki-K Gratitude Journal is similars to the 5 Minute Journal. It’s all about simplifying your day through your mindset. With journal prompts, it helps you reflect on your day and practice mindfulness.

Kikki-K Habits Journal

Ahhh.. habits. We all want to change our habits. What’s a better way than to use a journal! Kikki-K journals aren’t just prompts either. They give you tips on how to change your habits.

This planner is organized by month which makes it easy to look back and see how you’ve done.

The Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are everywhere now! And here’s the thing – there’s not a single one that’s alike. Bullet Journals are popular planners to organize your life because you can set it up however you like. YouTube is full of ideas on how to set up a bullet journal and what you can do with it.

Create the perfect planner to organize your day with a bullet journal!

Panda Planner Weekly

The Panda Planners tag line is “scientifically designed to make you happier & more productive”. You can even get this planner for free! All you have to do is help spread the word.

This review is really in-depth and shows you what each page of the Panda Planner offers!

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