Alanas Courageous & Inspiring Journey With Breast Cancer

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This episode is an episode that is so close to my heart. Today’s guest is Alana from Alana was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2019. Her life and mindset have completely changed since. Her story is inspiring for anyone facing both similar challenges or any other type of tragedy in their lives.

In this episode, we cover the following topics such as:

  • The story of her diagnosis
  • How her mindset has changed during her breast cancer journey
  • How her hair loss as affected her identity
  • What the biggest challenges of her journey have been so far
  • How she’s managed such big life changes in such a short time
  • How breast cancer changed her relationships
  • The best advice she received during this during
  • The advice she would like to share with others facing similar challenges
  • What not to say to someone going through cancer
  • How breast cancer has changed her vision for the future

Links mentioned in the episode:

Life Of Lana – This is Alana’s website where she blogs about her journey and will be sharing items she’s created to support breast cancer and breast cancer awareness.

You can also join her e-mail list here on her website.

Life of Lana Instagram – Follow Alana’s Instagram to stay up to date with her new posts, products and advice

Alanas Inspiring & Courageous Journey With Breast Cancer. This amazing story shows how mindset and perspective can help you change your life despite any challenge. It's a great episode on how life can throw you so many things but how you handle it is up to you! #mindset #inspiring #cancer #breastcancer