5 Inspirational Talks To Start Your Day & Change Your Life

5 Inspirational Talks To Start Your Day & Change Your Life

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5 Inspirational Talks To Start Your Day & Change Your Life

The first thing I do every day to start my day is… check Instagram. Yes. Because scrolling through other peoples lives is definitely a power routine I can’t go without (sarcasm there guys!). Then yesterday, I decided that there wasn’t time to eat breakfast (don’t worry about food being your fuel Giulia…). That’s not even the worst of it. Then I decided that my 30 minutes of morning reading was also not necessary (because time right…).

Then suddenly this morning (after I’d gotten up and already checked my phone) I started my usual thing of not time for breakfast or reading and realised that I had made more time in my day to check on other peoples lives, that work on my own.

That is a serious first world problem right there. And apparently it’s an issue that 40% of us have 1. Studies have shown that 40% of us now check our phones BEFORE we get out of bed. Do you have that habit too?

Today, I found 5 inspirational talks. Real. Funny. Empowering. Talks. that we can use to start our days. Because as much as people talk about smartphones and how they’ve changed our lives, they’ve also given us so much opportunity. It’s all about how we use them! So try watching one of the inspirational talks and see if it changes your day.


1. What Makes A Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness

The one thing I sometimes think about, is how lucky we are for researchers. They spend years looking for solutions for us. And then, in over 70 years of research, they tell us there answers in 20 short minutes!! Robert is the 4th researcher to take over this study. And here he tells us what they’ve found from one of the longest studies on happiness.



2. The Power Of Vulnerability

Brene Brown is a FANTASTIC writer & speaker. She’s open, honest & vulnerable. She focuses on topics like shame, imperfection & vulnerable. All the tough topics that are hard to face. She faces them. She writes about them and she helps people find their way through there own web of emotions. Her messages are empowering and real and I love them. This is rated as one of the best TED talks and for good reason! I hope you love it.

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The next 3 are only snippets of videos because they’re from Oprahs Soul Sessions. Her embedded videos didn’t seem to work so instead I’ve attached a link below to each full video.


3. Everything Is Figureoutable

Marie Forleo is a huge inspiration. Her content is full of actionable, funny, witty answers. But this speech was a serious side of Marie and it’s great. Since I’ve watched it, it’s been a mantra I hold close. You might even find yourself repeating it after you watch this speech!

You can watch Maries full speech HERE.


4. You Matter

Hilarious is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Iyanla. She’s full of spiritual sass. And she usually hits the hard topics in a loving, strong way. This one is a tear jerker guys!

You can watch Iyanla’s full speech HERE.


5. How To Live A Crazy, Sexy Life

Kris Carr has a beautiful message at the end of this speech that everyone should hear on a daily basis. She talks about her diagnosis of cancer and her mentality on life. But her final message is one of hope, love and strength! Love it!! And it you’re into sarcasm, this is definitely your jam.

You can watch Kris’ full speech HERE.


What are you favourite inspirational talks? Do you have one that has completely changed your life? I’d love to hear!! Let me know in the comments below.


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