4 DIY Ideas To Put On Your Vision Board (That Aren't Images!)

4 DIY IDEAS To Put On Your Vision Board (That Aren’t Pictures!)

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4 DIY Ideas To Put On Your Vision Board (That Aren't Images!) These creative vision board DIY ideas are great for your vision board! Get inspiration on how to get creative with your vision board and goal setting in a way that doesn't just involve images or pictures! These 4 DIY examples will show you how to make a vision board that truly makes you happy!


One of my favourite things that fill my vision board is QUOTES!! It’s a great way to keep you motivated. One of my favourite quotes I ever put on my board was by Rumi, which said, “what you are seeking is seeking you”. It’s a reminder that the universe works with you!

Another beautiful quote still stuck to my wall is “Honour the space between no longer and not yet”. This quote always reminds me to appreciate the current moment. And to enjoy my growth as it happens instead of JUST focusing on the end game. As they say – it’s the journey that counts, right?

So what quotes could you put there to inspire you and remind you why you’re doing something? Think of quotes that can help make your board a loving and patient space to remind you of all that you are right now and will be. There are so many great options on Etsy for quote cards too! These are a great set I found that would look beautiful on a vision board!

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Another great idea for your vision board is to put some mantras or affirmations. Etsy, again is a great place to find cute affirmation cards like these.

Things like – “I am enough” are excellent, loving reminders to yourself. Your vision board is often a place you’ll go to when you struggle to reach your goals. It’s a piece of work that reminds you of your WHY. It reminds us of how we will feel when we achieve our goals.

These cute mantra & affirmation cards can be a real spot of encouragement when we need it most – and it’s amazing when it’s right there hangin’ on our vision board!

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An envelope

Another great thing to add to your vision board is an envelope! Yes, that’s right – an envelope. A great personal development technique I’ve found amazing is writing a letter to my future self. 

Writing a letter to your future self is a great exercise. You can write:

  • pieces of advice to your future self
  • write about things you’re currently going through and where you think you’ll be by then
  • write your goals/wishes/dreams

Then set a date for you to open it. This is a fantastic way to self-reflect. When you open the letter, you can see who you were and how much you’ve changed since. 

So get to it! Write yourself a letter and see where you are as a person and how much you’ve grown after you open it!



It’s always fun to add a few objects to your vision board. Things like the first letter of your name or something from a memory you loved, like a train ticket, are cute, aspirational items to add to your vision board.

If you have a goal to travel somewhere, why not find a keyring of a monument or of a map to add to your board.

Wooden signs are another addition. There’s lots of home decoration that you can put on your vision board. Words that say family or love are easy to add. An example is this dream wooden sign that I found on Amazon! The best part of these is they usually come unfinished. So you can decorate and colour them as you like.

Be creative with it! Add anything that makes you smile and represents your vision for your future.

So, to recap this post! Things that you can add to your vision board (that aren’t photos!) are: