How To Start #Yoga By Yourself. This list has great #tips on how to start yoga at home. Whether your #goal is #weightloss, flexbility or #motivation, these options have SO many ways to practice yoga without stepping foot in a gym! It also gives you a great 30 day yoga challenge! #fitness #yoga #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #wellbeing #fitness #fitnessmotivation #mind #challenge #beginner #namaste

How To Start Yoga By Yourself (At Home Beginners Yoga)

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There’s so much content out there now about yoga. The benefits are clear. Not only do yogis look amazing, but they feel it too. And we want in! The only thing about yoga is it can be costly to start. Or sometimes, the cost isn’t the problem; it’s the time. You either don’t have time to get there, or the classes are just too much to commit to. Either way, the desire is there, but something’s stopping you. I was like this too. And to really start a physical habit that would also help my well-being, I looked into how to start yoga yourself at home (for beginners!). Claps to the internet for so many solutions!

This post is all about how to start yoga at home for beginners. These are all resources I’ve come across that are the best way to start yoga, as a beginner, at home.

How To Start Yoga At Home For Beginners


I’m sure we’re not surprised to see YouTube as the first on our list of how to start yoga yourself.

It’s full of excellent teachers who know that we beginners are at home! So most of the sequences and poses are beginner-friendly.

My absolute favourite YouTuber for yoga right now is Adrienne. Even though it’s on YouTube, she has a great way of connecting with her audience. She somehow makes you feel less like you by yourself.

My favourite part of her channel is that you can choose a video based on what’s happening in your life. She does everything from anxiety & depression yoga to chakra yoga.

If you don’t know how to start yoga by yourself, you can begin with her 30-Day Yoga Journey. I’m doing it at the moment. I love that every day has a theme!

A challenge is the best way to start yoga with its set days and themes. It’s all organized for you (she even gives you a checklist!).

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Udemy Course

The next best place to figure out how to start yoga by yourself at home is Udemy. I found a great yoga course by Seane Corn called Yoga Of Awakening.

This is the best way to start yoga if you want more theory behind it. Unfortunately, it’s quite a long course, and some of the videos can be long, making it hard for beginners. But in saying that, Seane does say that you can stop where you need to and skip the meditation at the end.

The way Seane teaches how to start yoga at home for beginners is second to none in the theory department. Seriously just her voice and the way she explains things are amazing! If there was any teacher that showed you not just the physical but the mental benefits of yoga, it’s Sean!

She shares a great personal story in the course and goes into detail about chakras. But overall, it’s her explanation of yoga and the poses that you do that make this course a must for how to start yoga at home for beginners (especially if you want more than just the usual information).

Online Subscription Service

The next option on how to start yoga by yourself is with an online subscription service. This can be costly, but usually less than a local place! I.e. I just started a yoga course in Melbourne so that I could have someone help check my posture. I pay AUD 19 per class for 10 weeks.

Yoga Glo

Yoga Glo is USD 18 a month; obviously, you can use it as much as you want. So it definitely is a cheaper option for beginners!

Also, Yoga Glo isn’t just yoga; it has meditation too.

Yoga Glo is really well organized to show you how to start yoga at home for beginners. It offers you classes, by level and has many types of yoga available. Also, Seane Corn is on there, too (yay!).

I jumped on the 14-day trial to see how to start yoga for beginners. It was easy to find videos, and there were many options to choose from. The 3 tabs can be a little confusing at first, though.

My favourite part was the 2-week course that showed you each type of yoga and the teacher. When you’re wondering “how do I learn how to do yoga” and don’t know where or what yoga to start with, a video like this can be SO helpful.

There are only about 52 videos on there, though. So for me, I found it quite limited considering the price. But if you find a teacher and a sequence you like, it is worth it. Plus, I’m sure they add videos now and then.


Gaia is the spiritual version of Netflix. It has a whole section on yoga, which is why it makes it on the how to start yoga by yourself list.

Gaia has more than just yoga sequences; it also has a section on yoga philosophy which is excellent for beginners.

The part I like best about Gaia is you don’t have to be a member to see their videos. This means you can scroll through and see if it interests you.

The search filters a great too. It has a filter just for beginner yoga! A great series on how to start yoga at home for beginners is Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga For Beginners. He goes through beginner yoga poses and sequences slowly. The important part is he helps to learn the correct form.

If you pay upfront, Gaia is just over USD 10 a month. Otherwise, It’s 12.99 a month (so still cheaper than YogaGlo). Keep in mind that there’s more that comes with Gaia than just yoga. Think all things spiritual, i.e. documentaries, series and interviews!

Do Yoga With Me

Do Yoga With Me is set up like a subscription service, but most of its content is for free. So if you want to learn how to start yoga yourself and you’re on a tight budget, this could be a fit for you!

This fantastic website also has a newbies section making it easy to navigate how to start yoga at home for beginners.

Each video has a time duration and a lengthy description. It’s also really well organized!

So if your budget is lookin’ like a zero right now, this is the best way to start yoga on YouTube. Actually, it might match YouTube because it sorts out the content for you by your level!

Thanks to the big wide web, it’s no longer hard to figure out how to start yoga yourself. So whether you’re on a fair, tight, or no budget, how to start yoga for beginners in the comfort of your own home is now really easy!

So far, my favourite is still YouTube (Adriene’s channel is the place to be!), but Do Yoga With me is my next best option. I’ve actually signed up and look forward to seeing what classes they offer.

Here’s to learning on the mat at home! As the yogis say (and we should too because we’re all going to be yogis from home soon!) Namaste.