If you're sick of seeing your paper clutter everything and want a way to FINALLY manage your paper clutter at #home, these #ideas are great! Learn how to organize paper clutter using your extra wall space! They’re not only fun, but a great way to finally get your #life organized the way you want it! #organization #momlife #mom #paper #declutter #family #organizing #bossbabe #office #officedecor

How To Organize Paper Clutter Using Wall Space

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If you're seeing of seeing your paper clutter everything and want a way to FINALLY manage your paper clutter at #home, these #ideas are great! Learn how to organize paper clutter using your extra wall space! They’re not only fun, but a great way to finally get your #life organized the way you want it! #organization #momlife #mom #paper #declutter #family #organizing #bossbabe #office #officedecor


There is nothing worse than trying to organize paper clutter at home. I know, because our home office is usually full of bills & other important documents waiting to be organized! Deciding what to keep and what to toss is already hard enough! But figuring out how to manage all the loose papers we need to hold on to can get messy.

These simple ideas are easy ways to eliminate or reduce your paper clutter.


Clip Boards

Who knew clip boards could be the answer to organizing paper clutter at home? This is a simple yet very elegant way of sorting out your important documents!

I like this idea most because it’s a great way to keep track of bills. I would put the bills in order of due date and as I pay each one, take the bill off. That way I can see when the next one is due.

You can even create little headings for each clip board!


Wire Baskets

These baskets were another useful idea to use excess & awkward wall space to organize paper clutter.

My favorite place for this idea is where the good old home phone used to be! But any narrow, small spaces is great.

I.e. the side of your pantry is a great spot to put it.



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Create A Command Centre

Introducing… the command centre!!

This is a great idea I found on Pinterest. I like the idea that you can organize paper clutter all in one place.

It can work for any bills or paper you have lying around. It works anywhere and anyway you prefer it. A bonus is everybody knows where all the important documents are too!

Here are a few examples below of different ways this brilliant idea has been used to reduce loose papers flying around the house!



Create An Organized Office Wall

Second to the command centre, comes the home office wall. If you want to know how to declutter paper and design your space all at the same time – this one’s for you!

Organizing paper clutter at home by using your office wall is ingenious way to organize & decorate at once!

Out of all the ways to eliminate papers, this one has to be my favorite. It’s a fun way to manage and looks really pretty! You can use any types of boards that suit your style and needs.




Wire Noticeboard

If you’re trying to figure out how to organize loose papers at home without sticking anything to the walls then a wire noticeboard is for you! It’s so light as well so they’re easy to lean up on a wall in the kitchen or in the office.

All you need is the board and a few pegs to keep things on!

It’s a great idea for kids bedrooms as well.


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Peg Board

Peg Boards are a fantastic option for managing your paper clutter at home. I never realised that you could put mini shelves on them either!

It’s a seriously easy way to reduce your papers and desk mess without having to stick anything to the wall (it can easily be leaned up on a wall space).


Magazine Wall Holders

Claps to this person for coming up with the idea to use magazine wall holders on your wall as a way to managing paper clutter at home (and then adding a shelf on top!)

This reminds me of the command centre. It’s another great way to store important documents like your insurance etc. in the office. That way you know exactly where it is all times and it’s more easy accessible.


Magnetic Wall

This is one of my favourite pins on managing your paper clutter. It’s perfect in a study or shared area (like the command centre!). I’d think of it as a place to write reminders, keep permission slips and all those other school and work related things you can’t put away just yet (that end up on the kitchen bench!).



Filing Wall System

Finally – the ultimate system on how to organize paper clutter at home. Filing wall systems are a fantastic way for small and home businesses to eliminate their paper clutter in their work space.

It’s also easily accessible. I know when I’m working, I end up with loose papers everywhere. This is a great way to put back whatever you’ve taken out – because it’s right in front of you!


So, to recap this post. Here are the 6 easy ideas on how to organize loose papers:

  • Use clip boards on your walls.
  • Help manage your bills and papers by using wire baskets on small or awkward spaces where wall space can’t really be used
  • Create a command centre to become the ultimate hot spot for organizing paper clutter at home
  • Use all that amazing office wall space to manage your papers and bills by creating a pretty, organized, wall office
  • Use a wire notice board to lean on any wall space
  • Get creative with how to organize paper clutter at home by using a peg board (& mini shelves) to create your perfect organizational system
  • Use magazine wall holders to keep important documents
  • Create a magnetic wall for reminders & other loose papers (like permission slips) that need a longer, temporary home
  • Create a filing wall system for your home office to keep everything you need right in front of you!