How to find your focus & drive when you've lost motivation

How To Get Our Drive & Focus Back When You’ve Lost Motivation

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In this episode, I cover my current experience and past experiences of lost motivation, drive, and focus when it comes to life! I discuss some great advice I found during my reading as well as my personal experience on how to overcome lost motivation, lack of drive, and a struggle to focus.

This advice applies whether you’ve lost motivation or focus in a certain area of your life OR you feel like you lack drive and focus overall (which we’ve all experienced at a time in our lives).

Lost motivation can be a scary place to be – often because we think we’ll never find that drive or focus again. This advice helped me to understand what happens we’ve lost motivation, drive, and focus and what we can do to get it back. The part I love about this advice the most is it’s great to remember the next time we’ve lost motivation, focus or drive to help us stress less and handle the situation better.

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