How To Overcome Fear Of Yourself & Sit With Yourself

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Fear of yourself is one of the hardest limitations to overcome. For years I struggled to learn how to overcome fear of yourself. I couldn’t handle the idea of sitting with my thoughts because I was scared I’d be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety-based thoughts.

In this episode, I cover one exercise that has helped me to manage the whole being afraid of yourself situation! It’s a 30 minute exercise that truly helped me to empty my thoughts, face them and most importantly face the fear of myself.

So if you:

  • Struggle with the idea of being alone with yourself and your thoughts
  • Can’t seem to figure out how to overcome fear of yourself
  • Are sick of being afraid of yourself and always needed to be distracted

Then this episode can help!

Listen in to hear about how this simple exercise helped me to realise the power of my thoughts and also just have the courage to sit with myself and allow them.

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