5 Essential Items To Create A Peaceful #Meditation Nook. Simple & #easy items for any #mom or #bossbabe who needs a quiet, #zen space to #calm their mind! These #DIY #ideas are seriously easy to put in any small space at #home. #homedecor #meditation #mindset #mindset #soul #peace

5 Essential Items To Create A Peaceful Meditation Nook At Home

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5 Essential Items To Create A Peaceful #Meditation Nook. Simple & #easy items for any #mom or #bossbabe who needs a quiet, #zen space to #calm their mind! These #DIY #ideas are seriously easy to put in any small space at #home. #homedecor #meditation #mindset #mindset #soul #peace

Creating your own DIY meditation nook is a great self care idea. Sometimes we know we need quiet time and we just can’t get there. We let ourselves get distracted by phones, people & let’s be honest – Netflix. Having your own meditation space is a great way to stay motivated to give yourself more quiet time. It’s your little self care & well being space where you can sit and just be you. You’ll find when you set your space up to be that place you can go to for quiet time, you’ll naturally gravitate towards it. I found when I set my room up to be a more peaceful space, I literally LOVED bed time. My room became my big meditation nook for me to go to when it was time to quiet my mind!

So, in order to create your DIY mediation corner or nook, these are some of the meditation room essentials that come to mind. But remember, the only must haves for a mediation space is whatever works for you so even though I write essentials, you can adjust, add or take away any of these items where you like!




Tea Lights – Meditation Room Essentials #1

Tea lights are one of the cheapest yet most relaxing parts of a mediation nook. My reiki specialist suggested that when I meditate, I should use tea lights on either side of me to strengthen my aura.

If you’re not really an aura kinda gal, that’s okay. Just having tea lights around for any reason gives a great feel to your mediation space (which is why it’s on the meditation room essentials list!).

They’re so easy to use in a DIY mediation corner. Here are some ideas:

  • Using them in a Himalayan salt candle holder


  • Creating a decorative piece using a dish and other natural items like stones or flowers

  • Putting them in a stone candle holder
  • Using them to burn essential oils



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Rock Salt / Himalayan Salt Lamp – Meditation Room Essentials #2

Another suggestion by my Reiki specialist for my meditation nook was put rock salt in a circle around me and then meditate in it. Admittedly this one can be a bit of a process. You need to lay a towel down, put salt in a circle and then throw it out after your meditation.

There are other ways to use salt though!

A DIY mediation corner hack is to use salt in a bowl to help cleanse the energies of the room.

So maybe before meditation, add a bowl of salt your space and see how you feel afterwards?

Otherwise another idea is to use a Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps have so MAJOR benefits that you’ll find written about everywhere. Here are a few: 1

  • Cleanses the air
  • Increases your enegery levels
  • Helps neutralize electro magnetic radiation
  • Helps to improve your mood, concentration
  • Promotes better sleep

If you want to read more about Himalayan salt lamps & how they achieve all these amazing benefits, I found this post really useful.

So whether you use rock salt or a Himalayan Salt lamp, both are great supplies to help promote wellness & calm in your meditation nook.


Incense / Oil Diffuser / Oil Burner – Meditation Room Essentials #3

I live by my scents. Incense and essential oils have become a huge part of my life. This part of the meditation room supplies I can vouch for the most!

One of my favorite reasons I used to love going to church was for the oils they used to burn. They always gave me a sense of calm and joy.

There are so many different incense & essential oils to use for any occasion. Using them in your meditation nook is just one.

Some benefits of using incense or essential oils in your meditation space are:

  • It helps give your brain more oxygen which increases your focus & makes you more alert 2
  • Can help ground you 3

This post I found has a great list of which essential oils to use and when.





PlantsMeditation Room Essentials #4

Indoor plants can help promote that calm feeling of nature in your meditation nook.

If you’re not a green thumb (I’m not either!) there are so many indoor plants that require hardly any care.

A plant that I’ve come across a lot in my research for meditation room essentials is the snake plant (also known as a Sansevieria). This baby can handle low light, drought and doesn’t mind being neglected! 4 But the best bit is it’s been listed as one of the top 10 plants to help remove toxins from the home. 5.

It’s a win win! And don’t be judging a plant by it’s name – it’s seriously beautiful!


For more ideas on what plants to use and where – there is a great post I found on Mind Body Green.


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Music – Meditation Room Essentials #4

 Music, like essential oils, helps by using our senses to gain a deeper awareness and meditative state.


“Unlike popular music, meditation music has been carefully crafted to fit certain meditation practices and provide as much sensory value as possible.

Basic meditation music simply provides a way for an individual to go deeper with their meditation by adding a new layer to their experience.” 6


There are so many meditations available on YouTube now! They’re so easy to find!

So next time you’re in your meditation nook, try using some specific mediation music to see how that helps you.

Again, meditation room essentials are all about what works for you! So don’t stress if music isn’t your thing. You don’t have to use it!


Crystals – Meditation Room Essentials #5 

Our final item on the meditation room supplies is crystals!

This is a topic that really needs multiple posts! There are so many crystals out there and so many different benefits to each one.

Below I’ve added a pin that is a great example of how different crystals can be used


When we add the blessings of crystals to our meditation, we can amplify our experiences, accelerate our growth and gain even greater connection to the natural world around us.

When we bring crystals to our meditative practice, our spaces expand to include the natural elements. A rose quartz meditation can remind us of the love all around us and bring us into more sincere love toward ourself and others.[ref] https://www.gaia.com/article/rose-quartz-meditation-expand-heart[/ref]


Today, I’m going to touch on a crystal I’ve come across with a broader use. Two great crystal to start with (based on my beginner research) is the quartz or selenite.

Crystal Quarts: This crystal is said to give you more clarity particularly with your dreams. They also help encourage the energy from other crystals too. 7

Selenite: Selenite helps to encourage the release of negative energies and anything that is blocking you from cleansing your body. If you want to read more about which crystals to include in your meditation space or how to use them – this resource is fantastic. 8

So not only do crystals have great meditation benefits, but they can make your meditation nook look really pretty!



So to recap the essential supplies to create your meditation nook:

  • Tea light candles are a great way to promote relaxation but also have other uses (like burning essential oils)
  • Use rock salt or a Himalayan rock lamp to cleanse the energies in the room
  • Use music to help create a deeper meditative space
  • Burn incense or essential oils to also help created a deeper awareness and give the room an extra calm vibe
  • Decorate your meditation space with easy-to-care-for indoor plants that also cleanse the air around you!
  • Add quartz & selenite crystals to your must haves for your meditation space to help you cleanse your nook and promote loving energy


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