A list of the best #selfcare products to get. These are must have #ideas for women practice a lil' self care and #selflove right at home! Especially for the busy #momboss or #bossbabe. These simple things can help you transform your #home and #mentalhealth. #mindset #healthy #healthylifestyle

12 Essential Self Care Items To Zen Your Space

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A list of the best #selfcare products to get. These are must have #ideas for women practice a lil' self care and #selflove right at home! Especially for the busy #momboss or #bossbabe. These simple things can help you transform your #home and #mentalhealth. #mindset #healthy #healthylifestyle


While we can do all the positive thinking and affirmations in the world, nothing can replace the feeling of needing a good blanket, warm socks and being in your happy place. While mindset is a huge factor in self care, so is the physical. This are some essential self care items for zen bedroom décor.
Zen decorating ideas is all about making the space for you. It’s about walking into your room or living room and instantly feeling a sense of calm. This self care items list are some simple cheap self care items to help you create that calm atmosphere.


Essential Self Care Items To Zen Your Bedroom


Electric Blanket

This isn’t your standard, run of the mill type electric blanket for your bed. No my friends, this top of the essential self care items list is a blanket FOR YOUR COUCH. Think rainy or cold days when you get home from work and wish you could be snug as a bug. Well now you can. Technology really can do some wonderful things… While this isn’t what some would classify as cheap self care items, for $50 you can guarantee comfort and warmth on the couch for many years to come. So when you think of cost per use… well this one takes the cake (and imagine eating that cake… in a warm blanket…just sayin’!).

Self Care Journal

On the list of cheap self care items, a self care journal goes straight to the top! While it doesn’t fit in exactly with what classifys as zen bedroom decor, it’s definitely a tool that can calm your mind!

We have a whole list of self care journals right here for you to choose from: Radiate Self Love: 14 Self Care Journals To Transform Your Mental Health


Whether you’re meditating or listening to calm music, a good pair of headphones is a must! We’ve done a little research and check on Cnet to check the best budget headphones. These wireless bluetooth headphones came on top for $26. So it’s fair to say these are a must out of the cheap self care items.



Aromatherapy has been around for over 5,000 years 1 but it’s just starting to get a big reputation for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to have this practice for generations.

Honestly when I started using my essential oils diffuser I did it because I genuinely loved the smell. I wasn’t even thinking about zen bedroom décor. But it would be fair to say that out of all the essential self care items, lavender oil has changed my life the most! Not only does it add a sense of calm to my day but it is also responsible for the best sleep of my life. And this is a real thing.


“Recently, studies conducted using functional imaging scans have showed that fragrant aromatherapy oils have positive effects on the primitive region in the brain called the limbic system, which helps control both emotional responses and behaviors.” 2


Not only does it help with sleep and stress, but studies have shown aromatherapy can also help with anxiety, depression, muscle/joint pain digestion issues, breathing issues and a ton of other things!

There’s heaps of ways to do aromatherapy. My main two are using an essential oils diffuser and using a essential oils roll on. The best part is this is the most versatile out of the cheap self care items.

You can spend on a diffuser or if you don’t have the cash you can do the following:

  • Bath bombs/bath scents
  • Using a candle diffuser (cheaper and a lot prettier I might add!)
  • Buy oils directly on your skin (the lavender roll on I use is less than $4 USD!!)


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Bed Socks

Hells yeah! I live in Melbourne, in a tiled house. While Winters are cold against my standards, I can’t imagine what it’s like in other places where SNOW actually falls.

So my friends, don’t worry about diamonds, I’m pretty confident bed socks will be your new best friend. If you had to choose one of these essential self care items but are looking for cheap self care items, this would be it!


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Moisturizer/Body Balm

I’m going to be really honest. I was not a big moisturizer fan. It was definitely not on my personal list of essential self care items. But then my world changed (yes again…) after I got gifted Frank Body Coconut Body Balm. It leaves my skin feeling like silk. I didn’t even think that was possible for such a cheapie on the list of cheap self care items.

So ladies, find yourself a good moisturizer to put on your stand as part of your zen bedroom décor and there’s a good chance your life (and your skin) won’t be the same. And, it doesn’t have to be expensive either!


Essential Self Care Items - Frank Body Body Balm



Inspirational Quotes

Zen decorating ideas for a budget friendly gal can be hard. We don’t all have the money to through around on nice bed spreads and pretty pillows. So instead, you can DIY it a bit. A zen bedroom décor tip is to print off some inspirational quotes and frame them. The dollar store has some great frames. When you create a frame wall, it can look really pretty. Here’s some Pinterest inspo below.

We also have a free inspirational quotes gallery that you can find here (with over 20 inspirational quotes that are frame ready!).




Zen bedroom décor 101 is crystals. Crystals are a huge part of Zen décor. There are some beautiful crystals out there. I’m not expert on crystals so instead here is a great read that I really enjoyed when I was trying to figure out how to dress my space up.

Otherwise, Etsy has some great crystal beginner kits. This seller I found has great descriptions of what each crystal is for and where it’s best used. You can find her HERE.


Alarm Clock

For work friendly essential self care items, a go to is the good old alarm clock. Skip the annoying alarm on your phone and opt for one of these zen bedroom décor friendly ones. The special thing about these alarm clocks is that they are designed to mimic a sunrise and sunset. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re falling asleep to a sunrise or sunset somewhere in Greece. While now you can, and Amazon can sort it out for you.

Here’s the clock that I use. This is one of my essential self care items that I have never looked back on.



Salt Lamp

Back to the beach vibes, the next on the list of essential self care items to add to your zen bedroom décor is a Salt Lamp.

Without going into too much detail, a salt lamp is supposed to mimic the benefits of being close to the sea. It’s there to help clear the air and get rid of all the nasty’s that technology and wireless things we can’t see, can create.

It’s also really pretty on. It has a nice spa like feel to it.



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Pillow Spray

If essential oils are too strong for you, another idea on the essential self care items is a pillow spray. These are EVERYWHERE! But I love the idea that we can now buy zen bedroom décor in a bottle.

If you struggle to fall asleep, then maybe a pillow spray is another way to promote some healthy Z’s. And, again if budget is a concern, Pinterest is FULL of DIY pillow spray that you can make at home.



Heat Bag

The last item on the list of the essential self care items is a heat bag. This is another staple for me during the Melbourne Winters. It’s also great during time of the month…

I kick it old school for this little zen bedroom décor winner. Translation: my grandmother makes them for me.

If you’re not spoilt enough to have a grandmother that can make them for you, then Amazon can do it for you.