How To Create A Routine & Stick To It

How To Create A Routine & Stick To It

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Who doesn’t dream of their ideal healthy life? I know I used to day dream of the day when I was that girl who could create a routine and stick to it! When my daily schedule was filled with work I loved and habits that supported my wellbeing. These days, I’m not too far from that! I’ve managed to make a daily routines that help me to be the best person I can be. While that daily routine can change, the end result is always the same. It helps me feel happier and more energized to start the day.

Below are all the tips and helpful ideas on how to create a routine and stick to it. Whether it’s a morning routine or a daily schedule, these are great ways to create routines for a healthy body and mind.

Routines are connected to our beliefs

I only started creating routines and sticking to them when I had a long look at what I thought of myself and how I treated myself. Whenever I was setting goals or trying to make a daily routine for myself, I realized I criticized myself a lot. I wanted to work out so I wouldn’t be lazy. I wouldn’t to eat well so I didn’t feel fat.

Whether we’re creating a morning routine, daily routine or a night routine, making it through a voice of criticism and being harsh with ourselves isn’t the answer. In fact, it’s usually the reason why our routines don’t stick in the first place! For example, when I stopped telling myself I needed to walk or workout to stay skinny and instead reminded myself that working out helps me stay strong and appreciate my body, I felt It was easier to stick to it and make it a daily routine.

Before you start creating a routine, sit with yourself and see how you speak to yourself. When you’re out how to stick to a routine be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and above all remember to show yourself love and compassion. You deserve the life you want to live. When you create routines you’re giving yourself the opportunity to create this life. So speak to yourself with loving honesty and see the positives in the routines you’re creating.

Don’t force yourself – you should enjoy it!

Ah! Good old personal development and all the options it offers. There’s so many opinions and ideas on how to create a daily routine and how to stick to a routine that it can be guilt ridden and overwhelming. There’s always something to say you NEED this in your morning routine. It ends up feeling like we have to do it.

Sticking to a daily routine is a lot easier when we enjoy it! Daily routines should be something that (for the most part) we look forward to and appreciate the benefits of. I always think of exercising because that’s one of the tougher routines to create. Exercise can be whatever suits you – whether that’s a walk, a run or jumping on the trampoline!

Find what you enjoy doing so creating a routine and sticking to it becomes less of a chore. When we love our morning routines or daily routines they become truly nourishing for our minds, bodies and souls.

Don’t be afraid to keep trying things until you find what works

If you’ve read the above and thought “but I don’t know what I like” then this point is for you! Sometimes we think that if we decide on a daily routine or a morning routine that we HAVE to stick to it. I’ve read many personal development books that talk about creating routines and they make suggestions on things that we feel we can’t change.

When making a routine, keep in mind it’s the end feeling that’s the goal. Whether you want to feel fit, refreshed, organized or just have a bit more peace of mind, there are many, many ways to go about that.

Creating a routine and sticking to the exact same thing doesn’t happen straight away. Finding a morning, daily or nightly routine for a healthy life is something that takes time!

Don’t follow the trend – do what works for you

A game changer for me when it how to create a routine was when I finally stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and saying and did what suited me!

Creating routines and sticking to routines are difficult when we do what suits other people – which is what we’re doing when we try to follow what other “successful” people are doing.

Ultimately nobody’s routine is exactly the same! So when a book or article makes a suggestion on a morning routine and it doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to change it or stop it. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be less successful or things aren’t going to work out. 

Usually, when we find the courage to ignore the trends and what others say and listen to our own voice, things have a way of working out. I know my fitness routine was a lot easier to stick to when I started doing what I enjoyed, rather than worrying about what others might say about it.

Find a system that supports your routine (i.e. app, workout plan)

Another great way to create a routine and stick to it is to find a system that supports it. For example, if you know what exercise you want to do, try creating a workout schedule for the week and then tick of every workout you do. Recording our habits gives us the encouragement to keep going.

If you find you need more structure to make and commit to a daily schedule then try an app or program! I currently use Kayla Itsines SWEAT app which is great. It helps me record my workouts and also gives me workouts to do.

See what you can find on the big, wide web! There’s so much content, apps and programs to support you in creating a healthy life and healthy routines for yourself.

Start small – try one thing at a time

I found the book Own Your Day Own Your Life and loved it’s message! Sometimes we think so far ahead that we forget the day to day picture. Creating a healthy life or healthy body and mind is something that’s done daily.

So start daily and start small. Creating a brand new routine and expecting ourselves to stick to everything, right from the get go can be really hard. We’re overwhelmed and tired before we even begin! My daily routines have always started day by day, by adding something small and new week by week. When we try to make a big change in one go is when we struggle to keep it.

Commit to one small action in the morning to get your mind started

My final tip for creating long lasting routines to help you create a healthy life is to start one small habit in the morning. This can be anything! But I’ve found that when I’ve started my day the right way, it’s helped me stick to my daily schedule a lot better.

My go to in the morning is to walk. It’s my favorite part of my daily routine. Nearly all my morning routines start with getting moving by going for a walk with the dog or a walk on the treadmill. Again though, it’s about what works for you.

But if you can, try and fit something small to your morning routine first and try and get your headspace right. I’ve found walking on the treadmill and listening to a good podcast or TED talk is really helpful to get me motivated and excited to start the day.

Recap on how to make daily routines and stick to them:

  • Look at your beliefs behind your routines – show yourself compassion
  • Don’t force yourself to do a routine that you hate – make sure you enjoy it!
  • Keep trying things until you find what suits you
  • Don’t follow the trend or think too much about what other people do – try something and see how if you feel, if you feel good keep doing it, if you don’t then stop!
  • Find a system that helps you in creating this new routine – a great app or program than help to provide the structure you need for your daily schedule
  • Great routines happen a day at a time – start small by adding something new every week until you figure out a daily routine or schedule that you love
  • Try and start the day with one simple habit that can kick start your routine
How To Create A Routine & Stick To It // Struggling to keep stick to your daily schedule, weekly schedule or morning routine? We all do! These are super simple tips that are SO easy to follow. They give you great ideas on how to create life changing routines for the morning, day or night. #routine #schedule #dailyroutine #morningroutine #nightroutine #selfcare #habits