What Is A Bullet Journal & How To Start One

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If you’re on Pinterest you’ve probably seen the words bullet journal everywhere in your search! I have to admit – I kind of just assumed it was a bullet point list… in a notebook. But when I stumbled across a video when looking for journals & planners I realised just how much was involved.

This is a simple explanation (& video) on how to start a bullet journal, all the layouts you can do and ideas + inspiration on how to fill your bullet journal.



What is a Bullet Journal

So first things first – what is it.

A bullet journal is less a physical book and more a system of journalling created by Ryder Carrol. It can be done in any notebook or you can purchase the legit journal version. It’s great if you’re starting because it has an introduction. The pages at the front have the system (incase you’re like me and this stuff slips your mind constantly).

On the bullet journal website Ryder explains a bullet journal as:

a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.


The Bullet Journal Product

Ryder has also made a physical product for his system.

The video below is a fancy video of it. It goes through all the physical details of it. If you are looking for reasons why you should buy it (considering it’s a system than can be done in any notebook), it’s worth watching.

The Bullet Journal Companion App

Caroll has added an app to the mix. The app is to type things in when someone doesn’t have their journal on hand. But the smarty pants – to keep the system manual – made sure the app only keeps notes for 48 hours. So you have to write it down quickly.

Carrol explains the reason for this in the video:


If you don’t have the time to jot in down in your notebook – then it clearly isn’t worth your time.


And he makes point. 

It has other useful features – so it’s definitely worth a watch. There are other videos too. They talk about additional features like the library. Which is a way to keep track of what you’ve written, in which journal.


How To Start A Bullet Journal

This is where the magics at.

Carrol gives a step by step guide on how to start a bullet journal.

I have to admit – its impressive to see his manual system.

I also like that it makes you reflect back by literally ticking off all the tasks.

It’s nice to see a system that doesn’t rely on an app. Old school!

The Bullet Journal system is a great way to get organised without all the fancy books and tools.

If you’re looking to simplify and minimalism, it’s the way to go.

I like the encouraged reflection through ticking things off or adding tasks to the next month if there not done (and questioning if they even need to be there). Even with it’s app (for added millenialism) it still keeps it about minimalism.

But given its such a huge system out there – it’s also opened to some much creativity.

The next adventure will to see how Carrols system has grown since! More posts on that later.



Do you bullet journal? How do you bullet journal? Share any tips, tricks on videos you know that show any new techniques. I’m so interested to hear about them!