Searching for better’s New personal development podcast

Searching For Better personal development podcast is about finding your path and living it wholeheartedly You can find the Searching For Better personal development transcript for this episode HERE. Hi guys! It's been such a long time since I've written here and I'm excited to be back. So much has happened in nearly a year since I've touched the blog. I've spent nearly the past[...]


How To Make A Dreamboard 2020

How To Create A Dreamboard. These simple tips are how I have created vision boards and dreamboards that came true! See how I choose my pictures and DIY inspiration on how to create a #dreamboard that can help you manifest the #life that you want. #goals #goal #goalsetting #visionboards #manifest #visionboard #lawofattraction

  Since I was young I have always believe in the power of dreamboards. This started when I set my goal for my final year of school. I put up a list of all the marks and final mark I needed to get to get into my university of choice. Not only did I get the final score, but I even got the exact score for maths that I crossed out and rewrote! Ever since that experience I've been a[...]


Konmari Folding Towels Tutorial 2020

Konmari Folding Towels Tutorial. The konmari method is one of my fav organizing ideas! This life changing method of folding has helped me keep me shelves and spaces neat and tidy! So no more messy linen closest! Loved that this was a video too so I could see step by step how to fold my towels #organizing #organize #declutter #konmari #mariekondo

Trying to figure out how to fold towels so that you open the drawer or cupboard and feel instantly pleased and organised? This is the tutorial for you. You and I probably share a similar dislike for disorganised towels. There's nothing worse than trying to push them all into the cupboard only to have them slowly fall out. This konmari folding towels tutorial is all about how we can hap[...]


Konmari Folding Shirts Tutorial

Konmari Folding Shirts Tutorial. This simple video tutorial shows you how to fold your shirts the konmari way so they fit nice and neatly into your drawers! This life changing way of decluttering and organizing is my favourite way to keep things sorted in my home! #konmari #tidying #organizing #healthylifestyle #organize #declutter

  Are you sick of having your stuff everywhere? Or are you sick of having closets' and drawers that are brimming with so much clothes that you can't even close them properly? I feel ya girl. I feel ya. This short and to the point konmari folding shirts tutorial shows you how to fold your t-shirts the neat and tidy konmari way. The Konmari method of clothes folding was create[...]


How To Get Motivated When Feeling Overwhelmed

How To Get Motivated In #Life When Feeling Overwhelmed. Whether you're trying to find #motivation to study, to clean, to lose weight to workout or when your depressed these #tips can help! These are 5 simple things I found really helpful in finding motivation to get going again when I felt like I was drowning in to-dos and feel like you've lost all perspective. It's also a great way to stop letting our thoughts of self doubt run our lives! #mindset #selfcare #productivity #healthylifestyle #mentalhealth

If I had to think back to all the times I HAVEN’T taken action because I’m feeling overwhelmed with work or feeling overwhelmed with life… well I don’t want to because I’d be overwhelmed ? But on a serious note – feeling overwhelmed can be a serious buzz kill. When we feel like we’re drowning in our list of to do’s it’s normal to be stuck feeling overwhelmed and tr[...]


How To Make A Vision Board Online

Get some #inspiration and #motivation to create a digital DIY vision board! This is a seriously great read with an easy tutorial on how to make a vision board. There's also a really good story on how the law of attraction can really work! And great tips on how to choose the right pictures for your vision board. #motivation #inspiration #goalsetting #goals #visionboard #mindset

  Not all of us have time to get the glue and scissors out to create a vision board. Or, some of us just aren’t the crafty type! If you feel my pain this post is for you! Today I’m going through a simple way to make a vision board online! To do this I use Canva which is a free online tool. It’s one of the best I’ve ever used and makes the process ridiculously easy[...]