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Welcome to Searching For Better! This is a space for people to find ideas on how to change & create the life they want. Here you’ll find things like productivity, goal setting & organizational hacks, mindset tips & lil’ bit of self care to balance it all out. It’s all about searching for your better – whatever that is!


About Giulia

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I’m the blogger behind Searching For Better. I live in Melbourne with my fam! I’m a BIG believer on making the most out of life and creating the best version of you. So I started this blog. I’m a big self help reader but I’ve also had my fair share of life challenges! My biggest challenge so far – I’ve been a carer for 2 years now as my brother fights brain cancer.


Β I’m a big believer in I’ll always be a learnin’ kinda gal. I can’t say I know the answer to all of lifes problems but I can say I spend a lot of time researching, learning & trying to figure out how to grow from all the shiz I’ve had thrown my way.Β  So everything I write is about sharing what I learn as I go (with a few jokes and memes on the side).



So where to begin? Depends… where do you want to go!



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These are free resources I’ve created to help with productivity & goal setting!


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