9 Of The Best Books To Help You Love Yourself

9 Of The Best Books To Help You Love Yourself More

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9 Life Changing Books On How To Love Yourself. These best selling and classic personal development books are great to help build self-esteem and self-love. Learn how to build your confidence and find more inner happiness with these great reads. #selflove #selfcare #books #reading #motivation #personaldevelopment #confidence

Why We Need “How To Love Yourself” Books

On a daily basis, how stressed would you say you feel? How much time do you really devote to yourself (without feeling guilty about it!?). I’d say most answers would be not much. Only now are the words self love and self care starting to take front place and I’m glad they are! As life gets busier and technology makes us more available, we are also realizing that we’re not machines ourselves. Running 24/7 is hard and we need to take time out! But by the time we get to the “me time”, a lot of us sit there and don’t know what to do. We’ve spent so many years running around that we don’t know who “me” is without all the tasks and big to-do lists.

This is why this post today is all about books to help you love yourself! There are so many physical ways to focus on self love and self care that books can be forgotten. This is a list of books that I’ve worked through personally and found have really impacted me.



The Best Self Love Books For 2020

These are the best self love books for 2020 that can change your life through your way of thinking and self talk. So get a class of wine, tea or coffee, throw your feet up and work your way through one of these amazing books to help you love yourself! It’s about time!


Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting – Wayne Dyer

The Power of Intention – Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer is a fantastic author if you’re looking for books to help you love yourself. Throughout his work he is constantly reminding us that our true nature is love. Even if that sounds woo woo to you, he has a great way of writing and appealing to every reader through his own personal experience and relating it back to his spiritual beliefs. His focus on our thoughts is especially important as he reminds us to be kind to ourselves and to value what we really are – part of this amazing world and all that it’s made of! Every time I finish one of his books, I leave with a “anything is possible” mindset and it’s amazing!



Mastering Your Mean Girl: The No-BS Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic and Becoming Wildly Wealthy, Fabulously Healthy, and Bursting with Love – Melissa Ambrosini

This book is one of the best self love books I’ve come across so far. It will get you hooked! Mel puts so much actionable advice in every chapter. At the end she also has exercises or activities for you to do. So if you’re looking for a book that spurs you into action instead of a contemplative thought – this is for you!

The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith – Gabrielle Bernstein

A self proclaimed “spirit junkie”, Gabrielle writes the best self love books with a spiritual twist. She’s easy to read and has a big focus on mantras and affirmations. Like Dywane, she tells a lot through her personal journey meaning she walks her talk!


Living in the Light: Follow Your Inner Guidance to Create a New Life and a New World – Shakti Gawain

Living In The Light is a book I turned to when I felt really lost. Out of all the books to help you love yourself, this one is fantastic when you feel really stuck in life and no matter how many mantras you try, your mindset just isn’t there. Shakti goes through her deep personal journey and simultaneously teaches us how to deal with our own compassionately and honestly.


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A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles – Marianne Williamson

A Return To Love is a classic on the shelf of best self love books 2020. If you’re reading this list, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of her or read it already! A Return To Love is based on the spiritual book A Course In Miracles. Marianne spent years working through it and deciphering its many messages on how to live life. She’s packed all the good points into her book and uses it to teach us how to practice more self love in a spiritual light.


The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are – Brene Brown

If you’re looking for pure honesty and humour, Bene Brown is the author to start with! She has released many books to help you love yourself. Out of all of them, this was one of her first. The title explains itself! Brene looks deep into imperfection, what makes us who we are and how we can love ourselves for who we are right now. Her talks are also great. She’s not afraid to really think things through and work them out. Her TED talk on vulnerability was one of the best TED talks I’ve ever watched. So if you want someone who openly discusses her own challenges with loving herself, Brene is a fantastic start.


You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life – Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero is the “I’ll read my own audio book” kinda gal. She’s funny, tough and isn’t afraid to sprinkle her work with a few light hearted swear words! Jen’s work is also big on action items. Each chapter has it’s own set for you to practice what she’s discussed. If you’re looking for how to love yourself books for the car, she’s one of the best people to listen it. It’s almost like you’re in a conversation with her! The best part I liked about Jen is I could really relate to her story. She had some big, scary beliefs to get through and she did! So if you really can’t get out of your head when it comes to the self love category, Jen’s audiobook is a car must.


Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person – Shonda Rhimes

Shonda’s book Year Of Yes reminds me of a lot of Jen Sincero’s voice. She doesn’t shy away from being honest about how much she doubts herself (despite being the creator of Grey’s Anatomy). When I think of Year Of Yes I think of Justin Biebers’ (yes… I am quoting Justin Bieber) instgram recently about how famous people don’t have it all. Shonda proves this. No matter how successful you are, we all struggle with self doubt and practicing self love! This is Shondas’ hilarious journey through that!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the best books to help you love yourself for 2018. Amongst all the humor and spirituality in this list, there is some strong, mind changing work here that we’re so lucky to have just an Amazon cart away!


9 Life Changing Books On How To Love Yourself. These best selling and classic personal development books are great to help build self-esteem and self-love. Learn how to build your confidence and find more inner happiness with these great reads. #selflove #selfcare #books #reading #motivation #personaldevelopment #confidence