How To Have More Self Belief

5 Ways To Have More Self Belief

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Do you find lack of self belief can hold you back? Self belief is one of the biggest challenges we face in doing anything! It’s why we struggle to find our voice & feel good enough.

These are 5 simple things to practice to have more self belief.


Take action


Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action. – Napoleon Hill 1


One of the biggest challenges with self belief is we think it has to be there BEFORE we take action.

If we’re not a complete master of something, we tend not to step out into the big wide world. We feel if we don’t have all the knowledge, we don’t deserve a place.

But nobody started, knowing everything.

So many people start with a little bit of knowledge & learn as they go.

It’s in the action that we develop self belief.

The more you take action, the more you realise you can do & the more you start believing in yourself.

After all, how can you believe you CAN’T do something unless you’ve tried?

Make a small decision today to take action. Even if it’s picking up a book or doing a google search. Commit to doing one thing.

And keep going, even when the self belief isn’t 100% there yet.

Believing in yourself comes from trying & finding you strength in failure & success.



Visualisation Meditation


A great tool to creating self belief is visualisation. In particular, future self meditation.

It involves your current self, visualising meeting your future self.

Sometimes visualising ourselves as BEING that person can be hard.

Picturing ourselves meeting ourselves in the future can be a lot easier.

This is just one meditation that I’ve found useful. It’s only ten minutes making it a great place to start.


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Look at others who are where you want to be


Reading the stories of people who are where you want to be can be great for self belief.

It’s often their stories that help us remember they didn’t start that way!

When I started blogging, I found as many bloggers as I could and read their stories.

It was inspiring to hear of bloggers that had started at nothing and were now earning full time salaries!

So find the people that are where you are.

They offer great advice on how they got started & how they find the courage to keep going.

They also talk about their journeys and how they struggled. It helps to know they had the same feelings we did when we started!

There’s nothing like hearing that they’re just regular people that worked their butts off!

If they can do it, why can’t you? And the really inspiring people will ask that too and encourage you to do the same.




Studies have shown that affirmations have shown to boost problem solving skills during a crisis 2.

They can also help to neutralise threats of low performance. 3. So when you’re worrying about whether or not you’ll do well, a simple affirmation can help relax you.

Some examples of affirmations are:

  • The universe has my back
  • What I want already exists, I just have to action my way to it
  • Thank-you universe for everything that you have & continue to give me
  • I am capable of all I put my heart & soul into
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • The only limitation is in my mind
  • I am loved

But it’s all about what works for you. Think about what strikes a chord with you & go with that.

Try keeping an alarm or downloading an affirmation app that reminds you daily of your affirmations.

The more you say it to yourself, the more you’ll find yourself believing in them & yourself.


Stop comparing yourself to others


One way to kill any self belief we have is to compare ourselves to others.

Some of us have grown up in the era of Facebook & Instagram which can come at a price.

Self comparison is at an all time high as people now have the ability to manipulate how we see them.

It’s not hard to compare our lives to how someone else’s looks. And suddenly we’re not only comparing ourselves to others, but to unrealistic situations.

Good angles & pretty backgrounds have us sitting wondering why we’re not good enough to be doing that.

When in reality, life looks a lot different.

So one thing to do is stop focusing on everyone else & their story. Focus on yours.

There’s a difference between looking at someones journey & being inspired by it to comparing they’re position to yours.

Try & remember that eerybody’s path is different (a good affirmation to have too!).

You are where you are because you need to be. And it’s up to you how you go forward.

Focus on you 🙂


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