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3 Tips To Be a Better Decision Maker

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Confused about a decision? Not sure which way will be better? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a getting a new job, choosing an outfit for a big occasion or deciding whether that relationship is for you. Being a decision maker is hard.

These are 3 tips I have gotten that have genuinely helped me to become a better decision maker. I hope they help you too!

1. Listen to the people who are in the position you want to be in

Hearing this can be an aha moment! We all know things are easier said than done. Most people mean well but that doesn’t mean their advice is the best advice for you.

Listening to someone who has been there and done that proves all the difference. There is no substitute for someone who has been in that situation and has come out of it. They can point out angles we haven’t seen and also positives we might have missed.

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This is a perfect one for investment advice. It doesn’t make sense to listen to someone who doesn’t put their money where their mouth is. If they aren’t investing in something, should they be telling you to?


2. YouTube it

You might not always have the right advice around you. There’s a good chance Warren Buffet isn’t on your list of numbers.

If so, this might sound simple and straight forward and it can be. YouTube it.

So much content is available now that it is actually crazy. We don’t always have time to sit through a book waiting to see the light.

YouTube is great resource for short and sweet videos. Marie Forleo is a great one. Her Q&A Tuesdays are amazing. Questions go all the way from business to spirituality and range from 10 to 20 minutes. She also has some great interviews up there.

Here’s a great one I found today

And it’s not all business… There’s some great relationship advice there too! Who would have thought! (Well maybe you did and I’m a bit behind).

There are so many mini videos, blogs, ebooks on just about any topic now. These resources open the door to other peoples perspectives and that is invaluable.

3. Remember, there is no “right or wrong” way

This might sound contradicting so let me explain.

When I started looking for a job I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I spent a lot of time on outcomes. I would earn more here, but I would be happier here.

Then, someone told me this – Whatever you chose, there is no “right or wrong” way.

You will never know the path you didn’t take so you can never judge that.

So save yourself the worry of making the wrong decision. There is no point because you will know know if the other decision would have been right.


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Being a better decision maker can be fun. It can be empowering. It can be life changing. Decision making gives us great opportunity. But remember most decisions aren’t permanent. And lucky for you, you’re the decision maker. So if don’t think you like the decision you’ve made, you can always decide to change it (pun intended).