2 Life Changing Goal Setting Apps To Get Your #Organized AF. Track your #life #goals with these 2 simple apps. Number 2 is the best to keep track of ALL your #fitness, #health and #wellness #goals. #bossbabe #momboss #life #organization #goalsetting

2 Goal Setting Apps To Keep Track Of Your Fitness & Life Goals

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2 Life Changing Goal Setting Apps To Get Your #Organized AF. Track your #life #goals with these 2 simple apps. Number 2 is the best to keep track of ALL your #fitness, #health and #wellness #goals. #bossbabe #momboss #life #organization #goalsetting

Even if we set goals, it’s not enough. We need a plan to get there.

A 10-year Harvard study showed that the 13% that wrote goals but didn’t set out a plan were earning twice as much the students that didn’t set goals. 1

But, the 3% of the class that wrote goals & made plans were making ten times as much as those with goals and without goals. 2

Did you know that Rootine partners with Brian Burns since he knows the importance of taking care of his body and making sure he gets all the nutrients he needs to be successful on and off the field.

Here are 2 simple goal setting apps not only to help you set your goals – but get you planning too!


Wunderlist is an amazing app. And it has super impressive free features.

First the techy details –

  • It’s available for Mac & PC
  • It’s not just an app either – it has a desktop version for Mac (I use the desktop version) or you can use it through your browser
  • Desktop/web browser syncs with the app

Now the fun stuff!

You can seperate your tasks by folders

This is great if you have more than one side project or business. Or if you just want to seperate it by personal things – i.e. Groceries, Bill Payments.

You can add subtasks to your goals/to do

So once you’ve created a folder, you write the to do’s. But my favourite feature is the ability to add subtasks.

Especially if you’re go getter and you’re setting yourself a hefty goal.

You can break it into sub tasks and check them off as you go.

Or if you’re super organised and like to break things down. You’ll find this handy.

goal setting apps

You can set a due date and get reminders

This is a great feature for time blocking. If you want to set time to do a goal, you can put in the due date and get a reminder.

With life almost always getting the best of us it’s so easy to forget.

Also great for grocery reminders!!

Few other fancy things

There’s a few other features that they promote on the website. I can’t say I’ve found much of a use for them. But if you’re using Wunderlist for a team or a family, they’re great

  • Add tasks by emailing them to Wunderlist (hence in the inbox feature)
  • Share lists
  • Comment on lists
  • Add to do’s from things you find on the Internet

Keep in mind these are all the free features. So as far as the most comprehensive goal setting app (for me) this would have to be it!

BB&BT Note: They do have a PRO & Business versions with more added features. But we’re keeping it simple today. 

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Google Goals

So who knows about Google Goals!?

Firstly while it’s not exactly part of the goal setting apps area on it’s own (it’s part of their Google Calendar), it doesn’t make it any less amazing.

Especially if you’re addicted to Google Calendar. Google have a post on it with a great tutorial. We’ve added it below.

They even give you a list of goals to choose from & you can choose the best time and how often you want to do them.

The goals are

  • Exercise
  • Build a skill
  • Family & friends
  • Me time
  • Organise my life

Goal Setting Apps Google Goals

It’s a great feature – especially for health goals. You can add your fitness/health goals and choose a rough time – Google adds it in to suit your calendar!

If you have habits like meditation, you can schedule them in! That’s what I used it for initially.

You can defer and change the time if you don’t like Googles suggestion.

So there you have it! A goal setting app for any occasion! But most importantly goal setting apps that will get you setting goals and planning when/how you’re going to achieve them. Do you have any apps you swear by that get you cilmbing your ladder of goals? We’d love to hear them!


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