2 Goal Setting Worksheets To Help Break Down Your Goals

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Goal setting is not always easy. I know if I don’t break my goals down I end up feeling overwhelmed. And that’s not the most motivating place to be in! Here are 2 goal setting worksheets I’ve come across that have helped me to break down my goals and stay focused.



Goal Setting Worksheet #1

Rapid Planning Method (RPM)


The RPM is a resource of Tony Robbins.

His process looks a lot a chunking. Setting a big goal and then smaller goals/action plan with it.

This is great for breaking down goals and avoiding the sense of overwhelm. It’s great to have the purpose section too. I’ve always been guilty of writing down goals without fully thinking of my why.

Knowing your why is almost more important than having the goal!

As Tony Robbins says, it’s the “why” behind our goals that keeps us going and gives us a sense of purpose when we’re ready to give up.


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Did I mention this worksheet is also free! You can find the pdf download here.

The free resource above isn’t just goal setting worksheet but more of a workbook. He goes through his method, each step of the way and why it’s important.

Honestly, this is probably one of the best goal setting worksheets to start with. He talks about chunking and breaking things down and this is invaluable stuff!

RPM method is part of his program Time of Your Life. You don’t need the program to get the PDF which is a bonus! But incase you want to take it a step further, this is a program to try.



Goal Setting Worksheet #2

Goal Pyramid


The goal pyramid is a system by Matthew Michalewicz from his book Life in Half a Second.


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I used this to help me learn how to trade covered calls and found it really worked for me. It has the same idea as RPM.

You set your large goal at the top and add milestones that get you there. It just has a lot less detail involved. If you prefer a more straight to the point method then this is for you.

I also saw this as a more visually why. You know that all the little milestones you’re doing are leading to the bigger milestones ahead! And sometimes that’s just a reminder we need.

The PDF download for this one is here.

Michael also has a twenty minute video that goes through it.



So there are two, no fluff, great goal setting worksheets that can help you break down your goals and get you focused!

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Do you have any goal setting habits that work for you? Do you have a worksheet or goal setting process of your own? Share it here!