10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Stop Distraction

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According to Mashable, only 2% of people can multitask successfully. 1 So rest of us 98 percenters aren’t getting as much shit done as we can.


Facebook Distraction 2


Here are 10 things you can do right now to stop distraction!


  1. Turn email notifications off on your phone (89% of us use our phones while we’re working  3)
  2. Put your phone in the other room so you can hear it but not reach it
  3. Turn your wifi off (if you’re work lets you)
  4. Download FocusMe a website blocker to stop you from using Facebook etc. on your laptop
  5. Make sure your in a comfortable environment (i.e. uncomfortable chairs do not equal productivity)
  6. Bring snacks and water (so you have no excuse to leave your working space)
  7. Block time out for your task! Even just an hour to make sure you stay focused
  8. Try with or without music (for some people it’s great and for others its distractive)
  9. Have a do to list to add things you might think about while you’re working – instead of doing it right now!
  10. Set a goal for the time you’re working (and remember to keep them small)



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