10 #Simple #DIY Vision Board Ideas. Loved these great ideas on all the ways to create a vision board for your #goals & #intentions (including a digital vision board!) They can make any space look amazing and they're seriously #motivating. #goalsetting #dreams #mindset #visionboard #officedecor #inspiration #motivation

10 Easy Vision Board Ideas To Create The Ultimate Dreamboard

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10 #Simple #DIY Vision Board Ideas. Loved these great ideas on all the ways to create a vision board for your #goals & #intentions (including a digital vision board!) They can make any space look amazing and they're seriously #motivating. #goalsetting #dreams #mindset #visionboard #officedecor #inspiration #motivation

Vision boards are fun and super motivating ways to keep yourself reminded of your goals & inspiration.

These are 10 easy vision board ideas. There’s something for every person & every budget, whether your a DIYer or more a digital gal at heart!!

I’ve added pins of every idea to add extra inspiration to get you going!

Clothesline Photo Display

Yassss… clothesline photo display!

One of the cheapest yet most fun ideas for a vision board.

I’ve added some pins of these vision board ideas below to get some inspiration.


What you need:

Or if you’re not feelin’ the DIY of it, you can get a bit cheeky and purchase this clothesline display already set up from Amazon.


Bulletin/Pin Board

The good old pin board! This was how I used to do my vision boards.

I’ve added vision board ideas below – the first is my favourite!

It’s great inspo to use a colour theme & get creative.

The second is a simple, minimalist look which is also very chic!

There’s some really lovely about having a pin board full of images on your desk. Plus, it’s easy to switch up and change every year or every few months.

It doubles up as a wall organiser too (like below).

Where to buy them:

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A5/A4 Display Book

This is an idea I got from a book called Winner’s Bible. The author Dr. Spackman is a firm believer in using images and visualisation to reach your goals. He calls it “practised, fixated visualisation”.

In the book he shows you how to create your own winners bible. It has a lot in there but the main parts is you have designated pages for your goals & their photos.They’re divided up by areas:

  • Material Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Mentors/Heroes
  • Family
  • Friends

Incase you were wondering – the family & friend pages is to help stay aware and appreciate of the great people that surround you. Studies have also shown that a big part of motivation for high performers is having someone to strive for


It helps them find courage


. So maybe by looking at these pages you can remember who you’re setting an example for and why you’re doing it.

Dr. Spackman recommends using an A5 display folder but if you prefer A4 that’s completely ok – whatever works for you!

Then you can use Canva to create A5 or A4 (depending on what size display book you choose) collages per page.

What you need:

Vision Wall

I have a lot of empty wall space in my room, so for me, a bit of Blu-Tack is where it’s at!

All I do is print photos of my goals (usually just through Google) & quotes and stick them up on my wall.

It’s not fancy & admittedly it’s not creative BUT having it right on my wall and seeing it when I get up is priceless. It constantly keeps my goals at the back of my mind.

So if you’re stuck for time & a budget this could be the solution for you!

A little bit of wall art inspo!


Frame FULL of photos

This idea I stole from my cousin when she was younger. She had a large photo frame and used it to put photos of her friends etc.

Ever since, I was obsessed with doing the same.

It’s so easy to find one large frame and just stick everything in there.

You have two options though.

You can buy just one frame and organise it as you want

OR you can buy a frame that has areas for specific photos (it just means you have to cut your photos down to size).


What you need:

  • A frame (I found this collage frame from Amazon which is shown in the pin below) – you can also use any old frame lying around if you want to just stick photos in it!

Vision Board App

We wouldn’t be millennials without a vision board app.

The ultimately lazy girl solution (by the way absolutely no shame in that!).

Vision board apps are paper saving solutions too (yay for the planet!).

So if you’re more techie type person, and use your apps constantly, then a digital vision board is another budget friendly way to get visualising your goals this year.

I’ve used VISUAPP which I like (but is only available for androiders). Its free! But the best bit about it is it has a reminder system. So you can can set alarms to remind yourself to visualise for the day. It also has an option to choose what music you want to visualise with – bonus!!

For my Apple/Mac peeps – I did a little digging and found the Corkulous Pro ($5,99) or the Bloom* apps to be the best rated for visualisation. Bloom is free!


Set up multiple frames on wall

Another of the vision board ideas that I found using frames is a frame wall. I’ve done this on my work desk and added quotes. It gives my workspace a nice, motivating atmosphere!


I really liked this idea. Frames don’t have to be hung up, they can also be shelved!


What you need:



A whiteboard vision board is another easy idea on how to create a vision board.

You can write and change quotes as you like, put reminders, even write new affirmations or mantras you’ve found!

There’s also heaps of cute magnet options to get creative with.

What you need:

  • Magnets (ummm… did anyone know there’s Emoji Magnets!!!)
  • Photos

Make a desktop wallpaper

Another digital option! Below are two tutorials on how to make digital vision boards. 

In this tutorial I use the free Canva tool and go through, step by step, how I create a vision board. It’s easy, quick and NO GLUE!

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Wire Wall Grid

The wall grid will be my next vision board adventure purely because it’s so nice!

Pin 2 is my favourite inspiration of all the vision board ideas.

It’s easy to use – just stick it on your desk. And those little pegs means you can change up your photos as much as you like.


What you need:


I hope you liked these 10 vision board ideas!! There’s definitely something here for every type of person & budget. So what do you think you’ll do?

10 Easy Vision Board Ideas To Create The Ultimate Dreamboard // Need some inspiration and ideas on how to create a vision board? This post if full of simple examples of how you can DIY your vision board using questions, printables and anything else you need to create the ultimate board for your goals! Let’s start using that law of attraction :) #visionboard #goals #goalsetting #lawofattraction #goal #dreamboard #visionboard
10 Easy Vision Board DIY Ideas To Create The Ultimate Dreamboard. These are 10 simple ideas on how to make a vision board for 2020. They're great examples and inspiration on how to create the ultimate dreamboard and get that law of attraction working for you! I love this post because it has both pictures and tutorials on how to make them! #goalsetting #goals #2020 #visionboard #dreamboard #lawofattraction


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