How To Turn Your Blog Post Into A Video In 10 Minutes

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Hey! I’m so excited to tell you I’ve stumbled on a brand spanking new content website called Lumen5!

For some of us, creating video content is a big step. I’m not a camera person. I’m pretty camera shy.

So Lumen5 is exactly what we’ve been looking for!

We found this one in the ProBlogger Facebook group and we jumped on it.

In a nut shell, you load a blog post and it helps you create video content from it!

So now – we can all be on YouTube!!

It’s also a great, refreshing way to engage with your audience.

And if your tech averse – fear not. It’s the easiest software I’m come across so far.

Here is a basic run down of how it works





  1. You add your URL for your post OR you can choose use your own content underneath and old school copy and paste your work!


Lumen5 First Step


2. Choose what text from your work, that you want in the video

Lumen5 Step 2

Tip: Click “Live Preview” in the corner to get an idea on what your text is going to look like

Click continue (not Add Media – it doesn’t work!)


3. Choose your media or upload your own


Lumen5 Step 3


It automatically adds media for you based on the text.

And also gives you suggested media on the side.


4. Choose your music


Tip: If you click on mood it gives you a list of emotions! So you can choose happy songs, sad songs etc.

Lumen5 Step 4


5. Choose your branding


Here is where you can upload your logo for the “outro scene”.

This is also where you change the font and background colour.

The background colour is that slight shading you see in the images.

Lumen5 Step 5




To publish you need to click preview.

So we’ve hit the preview button and… 

Not too bad! Pretty emotional with this music considering its a 20 sec video ?

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