Book / Reading Journal Printable


**Please note this is a digital download, not a physical product**

Our Reading Journal printable is here to help you keep track of and simplify your reading. With it’s thoughtful yet simple design it will motivate and inspire you to create the changes you want by giving you space to organize all you’ve learnt through your books. With pages like a book list and in-depth book review questions, you will no longer feel the stress of finishing a book and feeling like you never even started it! Keep the lessons learnt from your books and make the changes you want in your life with the your personal Reading Journal.

The Reading Journal will help you:

  • Keep track of all the books you find and want to read through the year.
  • Set goals or a purpose for every book on your list so you stay focused on your goals.
  • Maintain a log of all the books you’ve read.
  • Help you dig deep on all the lessons you’ve learnt in each book and how they’ve helped you make the changes you want to in life.
  • Keep you motivated to keep reading, learning & creating the changes you want to see.

Will the thousands of books I’ve read, I know I always get the most out of it by writing  down what I’ve learnt. It stops me from feeling like I missed on all the amazing lessons and just read the book for the sake of reading. So, are you ready to get more out of your reads and start making the changes you’ve always wanted?

** Please note as this is a digital download unfortunately I cannot offer a refund but if you have any concerns don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail 🙂 **

What’s included in The Reading/Book Journal:

  • 2 x books to read lists
  • 2 x book log lists
  • Book notes/book review pages (2 full pages with questions and area for notes)
  • 3 beautiful designed quote pages
  • A4 & A5 sizes



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