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Logo creation can be hard. Are you trying to create your logo and having trouble where to start?

The internet has so many resources now. They offer heaps of ideas for your logo and better – give you the tools to do it.

So before you start on the “I have no idea what I’m doing” bandwagon. Try some of these online logo creation tools.


Canva is by far our favourite here at Business & Blog tools. We use it for absolutely everything we do from our logos to our Pinterest images.

Anything graphic you need to do. Canva has the tools to do it!

Canva also offers the most inspiration. And it’s free subscription is more than enough for your logo creation needs.

We’ve taken some shots to show you exactly what’s offered from Canva for logo creation.

Check out the snaps below.

logo creation canva

Among other marketing shiz, the logo button is right there for you.

logo creation canva 3

logo creation canva 2

Above is the snapshot of the side bar. This is just the beginning. There are so many layouts for any type of business.

You can change the font, font size, background colour, font colour! Anything!

You can then download it as a PNG, JPEG or PDF.

Below are two fancy ones we also created to give you an idea. The logo creation possibilities are endless (can you tell we’re excited?)

logo creation canva 4 logo creation canva 5

So now you can see what Canva can do – get on it! Your logo awaits you 🙂



Logomaker is a great, simple logo creation tool.

First thing it gives you is a tutorial video. But if you’re impatient like me, the quick 3 step process is enough to show you where things are.

Step 1

logo creation logomaker1

Step 2

logo creation logomaker 2

Step 3

logo creation logomaker 3

It then has a whole bunch of graphics to use.

If you click on the square grid (shown in the red circle below), it opens up logos that others have created.

logo creation logomaker 4

Once you click on it, it copies it to your canvas. To find something more specific you can type in search bar for what you need.

Here’s an example of what we created.

logo creation free logo maker 5

Free Logo Maker is a great tool for your logo creation but it does require a bit more time and experimenting with canva. With no layouts to work with, this is better if you already have an idea of what you want in mind.



Ucraft Free Logo Maker

Ucraft’s Free Logo Maker is a similar logo creation tool to Logomaker.

It offers a pretty simple layout.

logo creation freelogomkr 1

The best place to start is the Icons to see if there is something there that suits your brand.

It also only has about 8 or so fonts to choose from. But you might find what you like! So this might not matter.

I created the below and I was pretty happy with what I achieved. Keeping in mind this is also free!

logo creation ucraft logo maker

Overall Canva definitely has the most options and offers so many professional templates to use.

You could literally create a professional looking design in minutes (if you’re not fussy).

But if you want to experiment a bit more or have something in mind already, Free Logo Maker & Ucrafts Logo Maker might be for you.

With these free logo creation tools there’s no need to pay to get a logo done. Especially if you’re a start up strapped for cash.

So have a look at them and let us know what you think. Or let us know of any other tools you might use that are better! We’d love to hear about them.

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