How To Set Up A Bullet Journal

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How To Set Up A Bullet Journal

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Looking for some bullet journal inspiration? Don’t know how to set up a bullet journal?

Lucky for us YouTube has heaps of videos on how to set up your bullet journal. It’s a sea of layout ideas and creative bullet journal inspiration! I couldn’t believe some of the designs these people create in their journals!

Plan With Me | September 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

She has a:

  • Monthly log
  • Mood tracker
  • Habit tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Budget Tracker
  • Weekly Spread


Beginners Guide To Bullet Journaling | How To Start A Bullet Journal

She has a:

  • Index
  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly page

She adds a:

  • Love yourself page
  • Healing food pyramid
  • Life goals page
  • Dairy free options page
  • Habit tracker
  • Video log
  • Credit card tracker
  • Exercise log
  • 50 by fall (another workout tracker)



Starting A New Bullet Journal | Set Up & Plan With Me | July 2017

She has a:

  • Yearly view (by month)
  • Lunar phases calendar
  • Moon calendar
  • Level 10 spread (start at 6:25 if you want to skip the moon/lunar calendar) – a goal tracker where you rate from 10 where you are with each individual goal
  • Action list to get to 10 in the Level 10 spread
  • Memory lane spread
  • Wish list


Bullet Journaling Under 10 Minutes

She has a:

  • Monthly view
  • Tracker
  • Weekly view
  • To do, to read & note to self page
  • Gratitude list



Setting Up My New Bullet Journal | 2017

She has a:

  • Yearly overview
  • Vision board/Quotes
  • Goals page
  • Bucket list
  • Travel Log
  • Bookshelf
  • Playlist
  • Social media tracking pages:
  • YouTube (a vision/purpose/schedule for her channel)
  • YouTube followers milestones page
  • To film list
  • Collaborations list
  • Instagram/Snap chat/Twitter page
  • Websites/Usernames tracker (for her social media accounts)


Simple and Clean Theme | Bullet Journal

She has a:

  • Monthly view with notes section
  • Monthly $ tracker
  • Weekly view
  • Notes section


How do you set up your bullet journal? I’d love to see videos or pics!!




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