4 Free Websites To Find Popular Instagram Hashtags

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Popular Instagram hashtags are one of the most talked about strategies to get traffic and engagement on Instagram. Finding the hashtags that are relevant to your content and to your audience can be hard when you’re starting out.

We’ve collected some websites to help you begin your search!


Hashtagify is one of the free resources to look up hashtags.

You begin by typing in the tag that’s relevant to your content.

It then gives you the top 10 hashtags related to it.

popular instagram hashtags hashtagify


So when the tag #motivation is used, the most related tags are #quote #life etc.

Hashtagify Top Influencers

Hashtagify also has a page to view the top influencers for the hashtag.

It’s a great tool to see what type of content these influencers are posting and how often. Also to see what other hashtags they use with it.

popular instagram hashtags hashtagify 3

Hashtagify Wall

The third best part about Hashtagify is that you can see what recent posts have been for this hashtag.

popular instagram hashtags hashtagify 2

This gives good inspiration for content as well.



Keyhole is paid software but gives a free preview of information. Their preview gives you enough information to find more popular instagram hashtags.

You just type in the keyword you’re looking at

popular instagram hashtags keyhole

You can also tick whether you want to track Instagram, Twitter or both.

It takes a bit of time to load…

Scroll down and it shows the below

popular instagram hashtags keyhole 2

It gives you a whole list of hashtags associated with motivation.

The bigger they are the more relevant.


RiteTag is all about popular Instagram hashtags. It monitors your current hashtags and even gives you updates when new hashtags come out (this is part of their paid service though).

popular instagram hashtags ritetag

It’s a pretty straightforward interface. The free results are beyond amazing. It gave 4 pages of hashtags.

popular instagram hashtags ritetag 2


The hashtags highlighted in green is RiteTag’s recommendation “to get seen now”

popular instagram hashtags ritetag 3

Another way to get more information is if you click on “view stats”

Scroll down and it gives you a tree map of other suggested hashtags to look at.

popular instagram hashtags ritetag 4

Although their main focus seems to be on twitter, their front page says their product works with any social media you use.

popular instagram hashtags ritetag 4


Talk Walker

Talk Walker is a completely free tool. The only catch is you do have to sign up to get your results.

popular instagram hashtags talkerwalker

You can choose your media types at the top too!

It uses the same layout at Keyhole to give you more popular Instagram hashtags.

popular instagram hashtags talkerwalker 2

The tool on the side though is also something new! It shows you the share per media type which is good to know. It allows you to adjust your strategy for the type of social media you are using.

All these sites give a good amount of information for free. So finding ideas for popular instagram hashtags doesn’t have to be hard!

Comment below if you have any other resources you like to use! We’d love to hear about them.

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