How To Do A Closet Cleanout: 10 Tips From YouTube Experts!

Really helpful #tips on how to do a closet clean out. This read gave me SO many organizing ideas to help declutter my wardrobe and bedroom. I'm so happy with how it looks now! #home #house #closet #bedroom #organizing #organize #hacks

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Really helpful #tips on how to do a closet clean out. This read gave me SO many organizing ideas to help declutter my wardrobe and bedroom. I'm so happy with how it looks now! #home #house #closet #bedroom #organizing #organize #hacks

So we’re nearly at the end of Summer here in Aus! Which means all you lovely ladies in the states are about to hit Spring! In celebration of the end of one season and the beginning of another I’ve pulled together some amazing closet cleanout & organizing tips from some of my favourite lifestyle YouTubers. Because really… who doesn’t love the feeling after a HUGE close cleanout.

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Closet Cleanout Tips

Konmari Closet Organisation | Myka Stauffer

This closet makeover is AMAZING! If you’re pressed for time – this one is for you. Myka does a whole closet cleanout over in less than an hour!

The before and afters are mind boggling and inspirational. And explains why it was a hair up kinda process.

closet cleanout



How To Clean & Tidy Your Closest | Hermione Chantel

Hermione (LOVE that she’s from the UK and this is her name!!) gives step by step details in her video.

She even shows a neat little Clothes Folding Board that she got from Amazon. It’s a pretty impressive, budget friendly (it’s $10!) tool.

Overall a great video to watch if you have more time and LOVE a step by step tutorial.

closet declutter



Minimalism: 3 Ways To Declutter Your Closet | Lavendaire

Lavendaire has a great channel that gives simple solutions. She has so many tips on personal development, organising and even shares some of her YouTube success tips!

In this video she gives 3 ways to declutter your closet.

Her suggestions are easy to do! But number 2 & 3 are more long term solutions that involve creating a capsule wardrobe & a reserve hanger method.

So if you want changes in the type of clothes you choose for your closet and simple, day to day, ways to slowly organise it, she’s your gal!

ways to declutter your closet


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How To Organize Your Closet The KonMari Way | Lavendaire

The KonMari method is a organisational system created by Marie Kondo.

Aileen gives great step by step tips here on how to use the KonMari method for a closet cleanout.

But if you like the system, Marie, the author, also has a Udemy course on her entire method! 

organize my bedroom


Huge Closet Clearout | The Style Insider

If you’re lucky enough to have a big closet – this video is for you! The Style Insider shows how she organised her amazingly large closet!

She’s gives you step by step tips on how to tackle it.

huge close cleanout



Declutter My Wardrobe & Closet Organisation | Rachellea

I really liked this series on how to do a closet cleanout. It’s great that Rachellea has broken it down into categories.

She also offers capsule wardrobe tips!

So if you need a bit more guidance in certain categories, this is the perfect series to watch.

close declutter
wardrobe declutter
wardrobe clearout
bedroom declutter

There’s so much great tips & tricks from these amazing YouTubers on how to declutter & organize your bedroom closet for the spring cleaning time of the year! I hope you liked what I put together.

If you have any other YouTubers with great tips on how to declutter & organize, share below!!

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