Creating A Vision Board 2018 (With Free Vision Board Template + Printables)

How To Create A Vision Board 2018. Find #inspiration and #ideas on how to create your vision board with this free #template and #printable #quotes. This template makes your #DIY vision board easy! #goals #goalsetting #momboss #bossbabe #motivational #inspirational #printables #free

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How To Create A Vision Board 2018. Find #inspiration and #ideas on how to create your vision board with this free #template and #printable #quotes. This template makes your #DIY vision board easy! #goals #goalsetting #momboss #bossbabe #motivational #inspirational #printables #free



How do you make a vision board

How you choose to make a vision board is up to you! My old way one (which you will see in the pictures below) was to just add some photos together and stick them to my wall.

I always loved having my vision board on my wall. I felt like even if I wasn’t paying attention to it consciously, subconsciously I was.

An easy way to make one is to find a vision board template to use. Pinterest is a HUGE resource. There are so many vision board printables to help you decorate and guide you in creating your vision board.

Today, I’m showing you how I make a vision board using a wire memo board. This was one of the ways I talked about creating a vision board in my post 10 Easy Ideas On How To Make A Vision Board. But if you don’t have a printer or aren’t up for the printing and cutting out, another option is to create a digital vision board.

So let’s get to it! I’m super excited to write today about how I’m doing this because this is the first time I’ve created a vision board template this way. I’ve spent a lot of time reading and learning lately about spirituality, our higher purpose and also about manifesting and abundance. I’ve always found it a challenge to see how and where they all come together. This vision board is all about that!

One thing I have learnt about vision boards is what you see you really get! But, I have also learnt that hard what that what we ask for, isn’t always what’s best for us or is what will make us happy.

Here is how I know this!

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My personal example of how vision boards work

This is the vision board I created about 3 years ago.

The quotes you see in red there are quotes that I wrote nearly 10 years ago for my first vision board (that also came true!).

The part I really want to focus on is the small section below with these 4 goal images. These were the goals I had that these pictures represented:

Top left hand – this was a picture of a business class seat. I was adamant that I wanted to travel and when I traveled, I wanted to fly business class.

Top right hand – I was trading online at the time, so I wanted this to represent my success. But really, I just wanted to run an online business from home.

Bottom left hand – this is the view from my aunties balcony in Italy. I wanted to live there for a few months. This was always a dream of mine.

Bottom right hand – I wanted this to represent my family and I, in Italy, eating altogether.

Now this is what happened to me in 2017. I ended up having to travel to Europe for an alternative cancer treatment for my brother. Flying from Australia to Germany every 3 weeks was too much, so we decided to live in Italy with my family for a while (with the aunty whose balcony that is the photo).

After 6 months, we decided to come back to Australia to see family. Because my brother has cancer and epilepsy, we were worried if we flew Economy he wouldn’t get any sleep and we’d be risking him having a seizure. Since we had no travel insurance, if this happened, it would be a problem! So instead, who ever flew with him, flew business class with him.

So everything that I had put up on my wall ended up coming true in 2017! But, to be brutally honest, I was miserable.

Living away from home was really hard. I really missed my family and my partner. And since I wasn’t working, I couldn’t continue my online trading.

So what did I learn from my vision board?

That a vision board should be about feelings NOT goals. Because while we set goals that we think will make us happy, we don’t necessarily know that for sure. Often times, we find that when we go with the flow, and allow ourselves to be more open to finding new ways to go about this, we’re at our happiest.

This is what this printable vision board template is about.


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My 2018 vision board template


vision board printables pdf 1: Personal Rules


The first part of our vision board template should be about setting our intentions and deciding what we bring into our lives.

Personal rules are the best tool to stay inspired and empowered.

Some examples of personal rules would be:

  • I will only bring love to everything I do
  • Nothing is my fault, everything is my responsibility
  • I only focus on what I want
  • I give attention not to what others do or fail to do but on what I do or fail to do (this is an adjustment to Wayne Dyer’s quote from Wishes Fulfilled)

Basically any empowering saying, quote or perspective from anywhere should be put on here! When you have heard something that really resonates with you, that needs to be on your personal rules list! It’s a vivid reminder of how you’re going to go about living your life and what energy you’re going to bring into it.

This is so important in manifesting anything because what we are, we attract.



vision board printables pdf 2: I Am Affirmations


When I started reading about the power of the simple statement “I Am”, I was mind blown. Honestly, it was sign from the universe. I started seeing it, hearing it and reading about it everywhere. I would put a show on Gaia, and there in a random interview, someone would mention how powerful the statement “I Am” is.


It has spiritual and religious background. But the most important part of “I Am” is your honouring that you are whatever follows. It’s not “I will be”, it’s not “I hope to be”. It’s a confirmation that you already are what you seek.


It’s a powerful way of reminding yourself that whatever you need is in you, not externally. By reminding yourself of that and acknowledging that you already are what you seek, you’re validating yourself. This pushes us into a plain of higher thinking. And we all know when our mindset is in a better place, we’re open to solutions and ways of thinking that we weren’t before.


By keeping your “I Am” affirmations on your vision board, you’re constantly reminding yourself of all this. I’ve been using them for the past few weeks now and it’s almost like a switch. It completely flips my mindset around.


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vision board printables pdf 3: Vision Board Sections


The next part of the vision board template is the pages for your images. I’ve created 4 areas that I think sum up the main areas of our lives.


  • Abundance
  • Health
  • Love
  • Divine Energy

You’ll see on each template that I’ve also put the title “I AM”.

Usually with vision boards there’s a lot more sections but I wanted to keep this template simple and to the point.

Abundance is all about what we want to attract in our lives regarding money, work and material things. Remember to learn from my lesson though – what we put in there, might not necessarily make us happy so try to keep the bigger picture in mind. Really think about the why behind it all.

Health is all about physical and mental health. How do you wish to be with your help? An abundant ball of energy! Or maybe it’s more of a zen energy. What kinds of food do you want to fill your day with?

Love is everything and anything. It’s about family, friends, children, partners. But it’s also about yourself. What is self love to you? What images can you put up there to remind yourself of the love you need to have for yourself before you can share it with others?

Finally, there’s divine energy. This is about your higher self. Your spirituality. Your religion. Whatever this side of life means to you. Divine energy could be you taking a walk every day to remind you to take time up. Maybe it’s keeping a grateful list? Whatever works for you.

These templates are just examples. I’ve also added a blank template that you can bring as many times as you need. You can create the sections you prefer or rename the ones I have.

Your vision board is all about you and what sections of your life you want to focus on.


vision board printables pdf 4: Vision Board Quotes/Images


Lastly we have the vision board quotes/images! This was my favourite part to create.

These are a few inspirational quotes that I love to have around. I chose these quotes because they really reflect what we’re doing in the other templates.



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