3 Apps To Help Get You Into The Journaling Habit

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Journalling (like meditation) can be a hard habit to get in to. For me it’s never felt natural to write down how my day was and how I felt about it. Do you have that problem?

I got on to Tim Ferris’, Tools Of Titans (a very different read and worth looking at if you like to see what books and habits people recommend) and I read about his journalling habit. He mentioned 5 Minute Journal – a journal app he uses.

Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of just having a blank page to start with?

Whatever it is. It was good to get my hands on Tims book because I saw that journalling doesn’t have to be just about a blank page and your many thoughts. And to know there was a journal app out there to get me started was good too.

So whether you want to get into journalling, or haven’t found it easy to start, it’s worth looking at a journal app to try the routine again.

Here’s a few to look into.



5 Minute Journal App

The 5 minute journal app is just that – 5 minutes a day and night.

It has set questions that it asks you (the same every day but different ones for day and night).

They started as a hard cover journal and ventured into apps (for IOS & Android). It’s only $6.99 on Android.


5 minute journal app                             5 minute journal app

Some of the things the app can do (aside from journalling):

  • You can take daily photos
  • There’s a timeline photo view
  • Daily quotes
  • Weekly challenges
  • Reminders to journal
  • Password protection
  • Easy back up
  • Can turn your entries into PDF

It’s got heaps to it! And I was pretty impressed when I heard about it. The only downside for me was typing it into my phone. Doing that every day was a no go for me. If they had the app on a browser I’d use it 100%!

Day One Journal App

Day One is the most popular journal app.

day one journal app

You can journal any way you want – photos, locations, weather.

It’s a big app with a HUGE amount of features but it’s downside is it’s IOS only.

It has a iPhone app & a Mac App but prices are different. The Mac app costs $40 but the IOS is only $5.

The website lists the review by The Sweet Setup to get more info on the app. Have a look. It’s pretty in-depth and has heaps of photos.

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Reminisce Journal App

This is the journal app I use. It’s really basic and looks like Notes (the Mac app).

It’s super basic. But I like that. From memory it costs $7 (because it won’t show me now I’ve bought it).

It has similar features to the 5 Minute Journal app.

You can

  • Add Tags, Contacts, Location, Emotion and Rating with your entries
  • Password protection

I just made my own template of questions I ask myself (I may or may not have “borrowed” the 5 minute journal ones).

reminisce journal app                          reminisce journal app

But if you want a desktop app (that’s a cheaper than The Day One app) this one’s for you!

I’m still getting used to journalling but having a desktop app and set questions has helped me keep the routine.

Let me know if you have an app you like to use? Or any tips you have on how to keep the habit? I’d love to hear!

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