4 Easy Ways To Make A Digital Vision Board + Free Printable Quotes!

How To Create A Digital Vision Board. Great examples & #ideas on how to make a vision board online! So much #inspiration here on how you can use the law of attraction with your dream board to create the life you want! #dreams #mind #girlboss #ladyboss #momboss #motivation

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How To Create A Digital Vision Board. Great examples & #ideas on how to make a vision board online! So much #inspiration here on how you can use the law of attraction with your dream board to create the life you want! #dreams #mind #girlboss #ladyboss #momboss #motivation

What Is A Digital Vision Board

A digital vision board is a soft copy vision board. You make it on your computer using any images or templates you want! It’s a great alternative to a physical vision board because it involves way less physical material (basically none unless you decide to print it!).

What Material Do You Need For A Vision Board

Now days there are SO many free programs to help you make a digital vision board (and most of them come with templates – WIN!).

Today we look at 4 easy ways to create a digital vision board with free online programs and even Powerpoint. I’ve had a look at all these tutorials and they’re easy to follow and can take less than 10 minutes (once you’ve gathered all your images).


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How To Create A Digital Vision Board

#1 Canva Vision Board

Canva is my go to tool for everything!! All my pinterest images, pins and printables are made in Canva. I literally spend hours on it a week. So I was really excited to find this video by Think Creative Collective.

It shows you how to use Canvas grid option to create a template for your images. The tutorial is only 5 minutes by gives great examples on how you can use this free tool to create your ultimate digital vision board.

digital vision board


#2 PicMonkey Vision Board

PicMonkey is not a tool I’m familiar with but I have heard about it a lot. It’s also a popular one for creating Pinterest images. So if you’re a Picmonkey user or don’t love Canva then this tutorial is for you!

This tutorial goes a bit more into the mental process of making a vision board. It’s a great place to get examples of how you can make your digital vision board and answers questions like “does my vision board need a time frame”.

A great tip from this video is how to find your vision board images. She goes through her Pinterest process and how she saves them to a board (a great tip could be to keep a secret board for your Pinterest images!).

This tutorial is great for more than just examples of what templates to use for your vision board. She goes into detail on what images she uses and what it means for her digital vision board. So if you’re looking for more guidance, this tutorial is perfect!

create a digital vision board



#3 Powerpoint Vision Board

This tutorial is similar to the Canva tutorial. It focuses on how to create your digital vision board using Powerpoint.

It’s only 6 minutes long but is great for a quick overview of how to use Powerpoint to create your template and how to add images and text.

She also gives examples of images to use for each of her goals which is always good for a little inspiration!

vision board online


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#4 Collage Maker Vision Board

Again Collage Maker is not I tool I’ve used personally yet. When I watched this tutorial and had a sneak peak and how to use it it’s seriously one of the easiest & simple ways to create your digital vision board.

This tutorial was under 5 minutes because the collage maker is that great! We even get to see the printable example of how the vision board looks framed.

If you don’t want to deal with any of the other programs, this one is fantastic because it gives you a choice of so many different printable templates!

It’s as easy as dragging the pictures into your favourite template.

vision board ideas


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