4 Blogging Tips For Beginners

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This week Searching For Better has finally hit over 200 people a day. Exciting! There’s no feeling like seeing months of hard effort, endless creation of pins and attempted writing, bring back traffic! I’ve learnt a lot in the past 6 months. So I wanted to write this post to give blogging tips for beginners.

So I have to say thank-you! For being here and for reading this. I’ve worked hard to create content that is useful. Content that I would have wanted to read as I was starting out. So I hope this helps.

A great inspiration has been Michelle from Making Sense of Cents. She is an amazing blogger to watch. Her journey has taken her from $0 to $100,000 (yes all the zeros are right!) in 5 short years.

So here are great blogging tips for beginners I’ve picked up over the last 8 months.


Building your e-mail list from the beginning


When I first started blogging I was pageviews obsessed. Even though I still am – my focus has shifted more to e-mail.

A great freebie to check out on e-mail marketing is Email The Smart Way by Pat Flynns from Smart Passive Income.

I was reading recently how he makes his money through affiliate marketing via EMAIL (I can’t remember the post I read this from).

He makes over $100,000 a month (in his September income report he made over $200,000). With over $50,000 of that from affiliate marketing.

But if you read his section on e-mail marketing, he talks a lot about wishing he’d started sooner. He also talks about quality not quantity. You want people that want to hear from you.


I’ve seen businesses with less than 200 emails have 5-figure product launches! How? Because those business owners focuses on growing an email list with the right kind of people, and they served them with the right kind of product. Whether you’re into affiliate marketing, creating your own products, or even if you aren’t sure what you’re going to sell yet, start connecting with your audience now.


So guys, e-mail list, get on it now!!



Opt ins on…

Having an opt in is the best way to grow your e-mail list! But these are some great blogging tips for beginners on where they can put their opt in forms.


The bottom of every post is important.

I use Thriveleads and so far I’m happy with it. It has all the types of opts in – ribbons, slide ins etc . to suit any type of content.

It’s important that you try & get people to opt in when they’re on your post! Especially if you’re depending on Pinterest for traffic. A lot of people click on to the post & click away. But if they see something they like & want to keep up to date, don’t make it hard for them to find a list to jump on!

While I’ve seen a lot of content say to put it at the bottom of your post, you can add it in between.

You can have multiple opt in products too, to suit your different categories.

For example

  • Money category: Budget Challenge
  • Food Section: Meal Plan Challenge

There’s heaps to do! But it’s also good because you can segment your lists. So you know the people that signed up for the Budget challenge want to hear about things related to money & finance.

It’s great for your affiliates too because you’re sending to a targeted audience.


On your front page

I’d read a lot when I was looking for bloggers tips for beginners, that having a pop up sign up deters people. But so far it’s been the best for me.

Thriveleads give you an option to test different opt ins against each other. This has helped me optimize my opt in strategy.

I have two opts in on my front page – the pop up and then a ribbon if the user scrolls to 90% of the page.

So that’s another idea.

You can have two opts in at different times.

I also added a opt in on the menu (the free planner button).


There’s heaps of ways you can add opt ins without being too in their face. But it’s worth testing & trialling what works for you!


Linking in page


Linking through the content

One of the best blogging tips for beginners that I got was linking your content IN your content. My bounce rate was pretty high so when I checked to see what I could do, this suggestion came up.

Linking can be done casually. A lot of bloggers like Mark Manson do it well. They link a post with just one word. Or you can link part of a sentence.

I.e. We have a post about finding your passion that we refer to every time we mention trying to find the work you love or find your way in life (see what I did there!).

Adding a “related posts” section through your posts

This sneaky trick I got from Michelle from Making Sense of Cents.

Usually there’s a related posts section at the bottom of the page. But if you’re content isn’t working for the reader, having an option mid way for other related posts is a winner!

You can redirect their attention instead of having them click away.

You can see an example of how I do this below.


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Create compelling images + headlines JUST for Pinterest


When I started blogging, I had this idea that my post name and the headlines I put on Pinterest had to be the same!

Not at all!

Sometimes your post title is about keywords. I know I have long tail keywords in my post title that wouldn’t match a Pinterest headline.

When I read about how other bloggers constantly try different headlines on the same pin I was so excited!

Pinterest is a great space to test & try things out. So trying different images and headlines for the same post has been a winner for me!

I’ve had as many as 5 different pins for one post, to see which headline as worked best.

But, in saying that, the headline has to be relevant. You don’t want to over promise & under deliver!

So try things out. See what works for your audience.


If you have any other blogging tips for beginners I’d love to hear!! What did you find successful when you first started?

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