3 Personal Development Programs That Can Change Your Life

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There’s a lot of personal development stuff out there. Some is amazing and some not so much.

I’ve spent years searching for programs and books that could help me grow and learn from my challenges. And in all my studying and learning these would have to be the 3 best personal development programs I’ve come across.

Todd Herman – The 90 Day Year

If you’re looking for a program to spiral you into action (finally!) this is the one. I’m also not an affiliate (not yet!!) but I still want to rave about it.

It’s been an absolute game changer – more than any other program I’ve done. Here’s why

It’s the first program that focuses on ALL parts of productivity in DETAIL

Firstly – he avoids fluff but still goes into detail. His videos are short and sharp which is much better than the repetitive waffling we get with personal development programs.

This isn’t just a “productivity program”, it’s a system. He teaches you from the beginning to the end how to implement it no matter what stage you’re in.

He goes from analyzing data, to how to implement it, to what you SHOULD be implementing so you don’t waste time, to reviewing and learning. It’s also SIMPLE. Although it sounds like there’s a lot. He chunks it down to bit size pieces that are easy to get through.

It’s all you would ever need to learn about productivity. But most importantly it’s all you need to learn to how create a life or a business you want. It’s the ultimate how to get things done system.

The bonuses are amazing & helpful

How often do programs promise bonuses that just don’t meet expectations. Todd doesn’t have that problem!

His bonuses are on point and helpful.

For example – my favourite bonus was the 80:20 bonus. Depending on the stage of business you’re in, he tells you the program parts that are most important to you (for now).

Personal development programs can be overwhelming and honesty, super irrelevant. If you’ve bought a product that is a whole system, some things just don’t apply to you yet.

Todd tells you that. And since I’ve watched that, I’ve been less focused on finishing the program and trying to do everything. Instead I just focus on what he recommends. That’s been the best part of the program for me so far. It cut my overwhelm and increased my productivity 10 fold.

He has 9 bonuses in the round I bought. So in terms of additional content – it’s massive!


I’ll need to do a separate post just on this program. But honestly, if there was a program I’d ever recommend it would be this one. Even if you need to save for it – once you learn the things Todd teaches in the 90 Day Year you’re never the same again! That’s when you know it’s a good self development program!!

His free video series is below and his link to his free video series is below it.


Jim Rohn – The Day That Turns Your Life Around

Jim Rohn is a popular one. I’d heard about him a lot and when I bought Todd’s 90 Day Year, he mentions him a lot. So finally I decided it was time to get on to one of his personal development programs!

I loved it so much I wrote a post on some of the life changing beliefs he introduces in the program.

I like his self development program because he doesn’t try to pump you up. He talks through pain points with common sense advice and a killer sense of humour.

He’s also approachable and explains how he’s been through the same stuff.

Then magically, at the same time, he’s tough & no BS.

If he was a preacher – I’d be at church every week!

The video below gives you an idea on how he speaks. There’s no real action tasks with it or anything. But if you want something to listen to in the car to change your perspective and offer you some different things to think about – this is a great personal development program to try. There’s a reason he is so popular – his wisdom is almost second to none!

Tony Robbins – Get the Edge: A 7-Day Program To Transform Your Life

Tony Robbins needs little explaining. Anyone interested in self development has either read his books or heard of him!

If you haven’t – please note Oprah is sitting in his audience. Enough said.

Out of all the Tony Robbins books I’ve read and the seminars I’ve gone too, his Get The Edge program is one of his best.

It’s packed full of of action tasks. He gets you to think about every aspect of your life from money, to mind to physical health. He’s basically your motivational coach.

He gives you a daily routine to practice. He goes through money beliefs. All with a bit of psychology thrown in.

If you’re looking for something to spur you into action but is more well rounded (about all different topics), then this is great for you!

Robbins is great for when you’re ready to change every aspect of your life and want daily tasks and motivation to change it.



Do you have a personal development program you swear by? Comment below and let me know! I’d love to hear it!

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