3 Books To Help You Find The Work You Love

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Taking the entrepreneur route is not an easy road. Especially when the road is still going after 6 years.

All those quotes mean it when they say it’s not the easiest or the straightest path to take.

And for some of us – that’s exactly what we love about it.

But that doesn’t make it any easier. The path is full of constant self doubt and worry.

It’s almost the ultimate self mastery path.

So if you’re still on that road, I congratulate you!

I’m sure you’re not without some bruises, scratches or scars (even if they’re not visible on the outside).

There’s been many times I’ve sat there going – what do I do next. Mainly because I spent so many years doing things others wanted me to do. Studying the things I thought looked the best.

And through years and years of trying to master the art of working for myself I’ve realised half the success is in doing something you enjoy. While that doesn’t make the road easier, it makes it a lot more bearable.

Maybe you’re driving to work thinking you can do more. Or maybe you’re at a point where you’re next idea hasn’t gone as planned and your left as square one.

Where ever you are – these pulled me through when I needed a reminder that passion, work and a good idea are there. And whether you’re there or need something to motivate you to get you started. Try these.

So here are some books for when you’re at the cross roads.

Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do


Born for This was a book I kept coming across. When I first wanted to buy it, it was still in promo phase, so naturally it slipped my mind.

But then I saw it in store and thought it was worth a try. I hadn’t read a book like this before.

I’ve never felt like I had a passion. I was never sure what I enjoyed and part of that was my own inaction.

Born for This talks about how to find what you love to do and make it a living.

It’s not fluffy at all.

In fact his common sense views on passion is refreshing. He’s honest that while the starving artist type may work for a while, the bills need to be paid.

And it also has to be something that we experience flow in. Something we can sit for hours with time passing and not even know about it.

A lot of people say life is short, but it doesn’t feel that way when you’re at work watching the clock!

It’s packed full of examples and things to do. Whether you want to move up in the ranks or find a side hustle. It’s all in there.

So if you’re at a point where you realise you want a change but don’t actually know what you enjoy doing. This is a great place to start.



The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

If there is any book that can motivate you that any idea is worth a try, it’s The $100 Startup.

It also introduced the word “micro business” which changed my whole perspective on working for yourself.

The idea of the “entrepreneur”, used to carry with it a notion of lots of money. But here Chris gives examples of people that have achieved great incomes, and incomes that allow them to be comfortable.

All the way from $50,000 to in the millions.

But that’s just the point. He reminds us that whatever we do, we have to earn enough to be comfortable.

It doesn’t have to lead to a million dollar brand.

And the best part is it is literally FULL of examples of people who achieved this without any special skills or privilege.

He gathered so much data and made sure it was from people who started with nothing. And who created businesses out of problems that they needed solved themselves.

So it’s also a great way to get into a “what’s not being solved” mindset.



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Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

While this might seem like an odd one to have here. Angela’s book Grit is definitely one that inspires action.

And reminds us that passions and interest are not things we find straight away or without hard work.

She talks a lot about her own journey and that of others.

And the key word is journey!

She didn’t find her stride until her third job. And now she’s a best selling author.

It busts every myth that we need to have our passion from when we were young. And it also busts the myth that if we’re passionate about something we have to immediately be good at it!



So take a chance and choose a book to read! Or let us know of one that’s really helped you so we can share it with others. Any book that breaks a barrier and encourages action is one we’d all like to hear about!


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