7 Self Care Boxes To Show Yourself A Lil’ Self Love

Amazing #selfcare kits to help the busy #bossbabe or #momboss practice #selflove. These boxes also double as a great #gifts for friends. They're thoughtful gift #ideas for people that struggle with their #mentalhealth and #anxiety. #mindset #women #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle

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Amazing #selfcare kits to help the busy #bossbabe or #momboss practice #selflove. These boxes also double as a great #gifts for friends. They're thoughtful gift #ideas for people that struggle with their #mentalhealth and #anxiety. #mindset #women #healthy #healthylifestyle #lifestyle


This whole self care box jazz is magical. There’s so much content out there about buying, creating or subscribing for a mental self care kit. But the best part about all this is finally, we’re being encouraged and supported to stop, take a break and show ourselves some well deserved self love.

There’s lot of choice out there if you’re looking for a self care box or a stress relief subscription box. Today we’re breaking down all the amazing self care boxes out there.

Bloom Beautifully

Yasss… a bi monthly self care subscription box that you can gift or use to treat yo’ self.

Bloom Beautifully gives you 5-6 items to help you create self care rituals. It’s as simple as clicking the buy now button. They have two dedicated shipping days (one each month as they are bi-annual).



Therabox is a therapist created, monthly self care box to inspire happiness and joy!

With their self care box subscription you can pay  monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. They have the standard idea where the earlier you pay, the more you save with up to 15% savings on the yearly box.


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BuddyBox – Mental Health Self Care Kit/Stress Relief Subscription Box

The BuddyBox is all about helping us deal with life’s troubles! They’re tagline is “a hug in a box” so rest assured there’s some good, calming shiz we’d all love to come home to after a hard days work.

BuddyBox began as a mental health self care kit for depression but is great for anyone that needs helping adjusting they’re mindset!

It is a monthly box that has at least 5 cool things in there to surprise you. You can either subscribe monthly or buy a once of box. They also have a Buddy Box on demand if you need one ASAP!


Rainbow Soul Surprise Box

I loveeeed the fact that there is a soul surprise box! Rainbow Soul is a monthly subscription but you can also buy them as a once off gift. There’s not a lot of information as to how many items are in the box etc. but this YouTube video should give you a better idea.

Something I did see from their shop is they do seasonal boxes. They still have their Winter Solice box available on their shop page. They also have a Xmas box and a Yoga box.


Peaceful Mind Self Care

Peaceful Mind Self Care Box

This really cute Peaceful Mind Self Care kit is a great Etsy buy! The goodies it includes are:

Meditation candle (unscented)
Massage Ball (varying sizes)
Essential Oil Roller
Face Mask
Drink coaster
Snack that helped a good cause!
Inspirational print
Coloring page
Self reflection page
Blank thank you card
Affirmation/question cards

It’s great that it has a few self reflection items as well. This is pretty unique as far as self care boxes goes.


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Tea Cup Mystery Box

This one is for all the tea lovers out there! This Tea Cup Mystery Box is another cool Etsy buy. Here’s what it contains:

“Sparkle” sign – choice of blue or pink
Unique vintage teacup – no saucer
Colouring and activity book
Single teabag
Hallmark keychain
Selection of waffle cookies, strawberry liquorice, and butter biscuits
Mug tea strainer
Cute vintage tea spoon with teapot handle
Miniature bottle of honey


Paper Me Gift Box

The Paper Me Gift Box is more your typical self care kit. It’s all about that all the things self care is physically about – good baths, chocolate and face scrubs. So what’s in it?

1 x La Vie En Rose Bath soak (100g).
1 x Bean Face Scrub.
1 x Small Soy Candle
1 x Champagne filled Milk Chocolate Truffles by Chocolatier Australia (150g).

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